Timeshare Owners Likely to Encounter Insystcom ResortLynx

ResortLynx is a new “infotainment” product being introduced to many timeshare and hotel properties. Numbered among new features: pay-per-view and high-speed internet.

Insystcom ResortLynx is an “infotainment” product which more and more timeshare owners will be encountering in the future. ResortLynx offers guests at many Carribean and US timeshares a variety of audiovisual amenities, including interactive pay-per-view entertainment, high-speed and WiFi internet access, and on-demand content featuring multicast channels.

Sure beats hacking into the resort office’s wireless network (for the record, I intend this remark as a humorous jibe and not a suggestion, as the Timeshare Owners’ Blog would never condone any behavior which may waste bandwidth or violate local regulations). We’ve all heard stories about this quest for connectivity, wherein hotel guests find themselves clutching a laptop, pressed up against the window in a fruitless attempt to connect to a wireless router hundereds of feet below. A comprehensive, in-room wireless/high speed internet service could help to drastically minimize this problem.

In my experience, resort and hotel wireless connectivity can be ranked on a scale. At one end we have a certain San Jose boutique hotel, which offers guests free internet access of breathtaking speed. At the other end, we have one of Bucharest’s most prestigious hotels, which has been known to charge guests daily rent on a mysterious plastic box which doesn’t work. Hotels at this end of the connectivity spectrum might learn a thing or two from