New England Floods: Our Perspective

It’s been a crazy couple of days in our New Hampshire offices, as floodwaters still rage after days and days of rain.

I’m going off topic this time. It’s been an eventful several days in New Hampshire, and I’m glad our team has held up under the flood conditions which still prevail in this area. Though some of the basements in our homes have flooded, we are mostly unaffected by this weather.

The main challenge lies in the roads around the area, many of which have been severely damaged. This in particular underscores the seriousness of this situation; New England hasn’t experienced flooding like this in the past 70 years.

Our office is located directly above a waterfall on the Cocheco river, so we have a firsthand view of the fury of these floods. Nevertheless, like much of downtown Dover, our building was built on solid stone slabs, some of these foundations dating back to the 1600’s, when Dover was first settled. These massive stoneworks and brick walls are a real miracle of engineering, allowing the river to pass smoothly through the building’s arch.

There’s a message here; even through emergency conditions, SellMyTimeshareNOW thrives. We meet adversity with adaptability every time!

We started up our own Flickr account, so check it out if you want to see more pictures that we took earlier today of the flooded conditions in and around Dover, New Hampshire.

There’s relatively little coverage of Dover on the news; it’s kind of a small town. However, do a search on Flickr for “Dover New Hampshire floods” or just “New England floods” and you’ll turn up some amazing pictures of these floods. These people deserve credit for recording a historic event, as severe flooding in New England is not a common occurrence.