Timeshare—The Wheels are Turning

When an idea works, why not run (or roll) with it?

A recent edition of the Miami Herald reported a new twist in time sharing.  Blas García Moros, a former Microsoft executive, loves fine automobiles—loves them so much he can’t decide which one (or ones) he wants to own.

So for Moros, and others like him, who just can’t choose whether to buy a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin, the newly created Collexium of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, will soon offer a solution. Premiering later this summer, Collexium plans to operate much like vacation timeshares, except that the featured product will be luxury cars -not condo-style accommodations.

Current plans call for members to pay a $15,000 initiation fee, as well as a $15,000 annual fee. In return, they will receive about thirty days of driving. To gain additional drive time each year, members will need to purchase points.

Although automobile timesharing may be a clever idea, Moros is not actually the first to come up with it. Collexium is similar in concept to Car Club Manhattan and Car Club London, however both of these other  “auto timeshares,” offer mainly classic or muscle cars. Collexium plans to keep their lineup all about performance—very high performance.

But don’t put on your driving gloves or take out your checkbook yet. When Collexium premiers, at least in its initial phases, membership will be by invitation only.