You Don’t Have to Pay Quite This Much for a Timeshare

Golf great Phil Mickelson is a new timeshare owner, and it only cost him $3.4 million

I’ve suggested before that you plan your timesharing to put you in the right place for viewing the major (or even the minor) events of the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. Perhaps golf legend Phil Mickelson is now taking advice from SellMyTimeshareNOW.

With the 2010 British Open scheduled for St. Andrews, Phil Mickelson has recently spent $3.4 million for the use of nine weeks annually of a penthouse suite with views to the first and eighteenth holes on the famous Old Course. The building, currently in use as a dormitory by St. Andrews University, will soon be renovated as a private club and timeshare.

Let’s see, Mickelson’s timeshare in Scotland (which I think should really be called a fractional) averages out to a little less than $400,000 per week. You may not be able to get a view of the first tee at St. Andrews, but I think you can shop the timeshare resales at SellMyTimeshareNOW and find a great golf timeshare for a whole lot less.