Timeshares in Dubai Torch Tower

The Torch Tower in Dubai

Overlooking the Dubai Marina and the Arabian Gulf in the United Arab Emirates is the seventy-four story Dubai Torch Tower. When completed in 2008, the building will house between 200 and 500 apartment units, as well as numerous indoor and outdoor swimming pools, a health club, gymnasium, restaurants, aerobics room, shops and parking garages.

Dubai Select has recently announced that they will sell timeshare condo units in the prestigious Torch Tower. The units will be available for exchange through Interval International’s worldwide interval timeshare network and will be sold in two-week increments.

The entire Marina project is an amazing undertaking. It is billed as the world’s largest man-made marina and the world’s largest master planned waterfront development. The design objective has been to create a city within a city, with the marina area offering the best and most luxurious in a city already known for opulent luxury.

The first phase of the Dubai Marina in Al Marsa was completed in 2003 at a cost of roughly $200 million US dollars. Built to be a modern interpretation of Venice, this waterside community occupies valuable real estate on the Persian Gulf. Man-made lakes on both sides of the community connect the land with the sea. A 700-berth marina, already completed, accommodates ships and yachts of all sizes.

The Torch Tower is among the tallest skyscrapers which will be in the community, although a few of the buildings rise about it with roughly 100 stories.