The Alderwood Group to Manage Colorado Condominium Project

The Alderwood Group to Manage Colorado Condominium Project

The Alderwood Group has issued an announcement that it has been selected to manage a Steamboat Springs, Colorado condominium project. The Alderwood Group was selected to manage the Colorado condominium project, known as The Moraine Cornerstone Townhomes, by the condo Homeowners Association (HOA). The company assumed management control late in 2012.

You can read the full text of this media release as issued by The Alderwood Group as it appears below. You can learn more about other Colorado condominium and Colorado timeshare projects by following the links included here.

Alderwood Group to manage Steamboat Springs resort project

The Alderwood Group –known for its partnership approach to resort property management – announced the Moraine Cornerstone Townhome Association selected them to manage their condominium project, The Moraine Cornerstone Townhomes, in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. The property consists of 56 individually-owned three- and four-bedroom townhomes located within half-a-mile of the gondola stop at the base of the mountain.

“After considerable review, we determined The Alderwood Group can provide the quality of management and services to our owners that best suits our needs,” says the homeowners’ association (HOA) Board President John Platt. “After a lengthy due diligence period, we became convinced that this company upholds a sound standard of ethics and will provide consistent, accurate and transparent financial reporting.”

“Cheryl, Chuck and other employees have been so cooperative and professional since we hired Alderwood,” adds HOA Treasurer Steve Bennington. “Alderwood immediately took control of our management on December 1.  As treasurer, I am impressed with their comprehensive financial reporting and transparency.  Alderwood’s employees are completely loyal to the interests of our HOA which is different from most management companies in Steamboat Springs.”

“We are gratified to have been selected by the Moraine Cornerstone Townhomes’ HOA to manage this beautiful resort development,” says Alderwood President/CEO Thomas A. Johnson, CHA. “We take a great deal of pride in our ability to work closely with our clients to truly exceed their expectations. Our team is delighted to be here and we are looking forward to providing them with the highest level of service.”

About The Moraine Cornerstone Townhomes

Moments away from the slopes of world-famous Steamboat Springs, a.k.a. Ski Town, USA, The Moraine Cornerstone Townhomes are individually-owned units available for rentals or to use as year-round residences. There are 56 homes consisting of three or four bedrooms and are located within easy access to the slopes on a free ski shuttle. The property’s many amenities include outdoor hot tubs on the premises, a swimming pool for summer use, gas fireplaces, free WiFi, washers and dryers in each home and attached, heated garages.

About Alderwood Group

Since 1998, The Alderwood Group has provided high quality financial, administrative and resort management services to resorts and is seeking to expand its client base. Alderwood designs tailored partnerships with its clients and has built a reputation offering sensible timeshare and whole ownership resort management, effective sales positioning and strategic marketing while exceeding service and industry standards. Proof of the company’s success is in their relationships with clients, owners and guests. Alderwood is proud to say they have never lost a management contract. For more information on how Alderwood can help you or your organization, visit or contact us at (909) 878-2277 or (970) 879-2333.

Timeshare Rentals are Possibly the Best Deal Ever for Vacationing

Timeshare Rentals are Possibly the Best Deal Ever for Vacationing

If you have never vacationed in timeshare rentals then you are exactly the person for whom this blog post is intended. Yes, we are talking to you!

Best Vacation Opportunities are in Timeshare Rentals

Timeshare rentals are quite possibly the best deal ever for vacationers. And timeshare rentals are definitely the biggest secret in vacation planning. Over and over we hear people say, “I didn’t know you could rent timeshare!”

And it is not that renting timeshare is intended to be a secret. Quite the opposite, resorts, homeowners associations, and timeshare owners with timeshare to rent would really like to get the word out there to you.

Yet, honestly, most people don’t get it. They do not know that they could be renting timeshare for vacations, travel, business trips, even long weekends and overnight stays. More importantly, most consumers do not understand that a timeshare rentals means truly spacious accommodations, typically for a lot less money than you would be spending on a much smaller hotel room.

In the vacation ownership industry we describe the vacation rental dilemma as one in which a family must choose whether to share a hotel room, with one bath, one TV, and far too little  square footage for anyone in the family to be truly comfortable. On they can choose the alternative  of renting timeshare for their next vacation.

With a timeshare rental, the vacation description changes dramatically. Timeshares are available in studio timeshare units, up through one-, two-, and three bedroom units. Most include a fully equipped kitchen, dining area, multiple bathrooms, multiple televisions, a patio or balcony… well you get the idea … the comforts of home! Vacation ownership properties are spacious, apartment-style accommodations offered at resorts in all the popular destinations you love to visit.

Timeshare rentals mean more amenities, more space and less money than a hotel room. When compared to a vacation condo rental, a timeshare means an on-property staff, maintenance workers, and security team to attend to your needs. A vacation condo rental may offer some or none of these benefits. Go online and rent a vacation home from a stranger and frankly, you have know way of knowing what you will really be walking into. Rent timeshare, and know you have the resort staff and resort reputation to count on. Peace of mind in a timeshare rental.

Timeshare Rentals By-Owner or with Timeshare Broker Services

If you have the do-it-yourself spirit, then timeshare rentals through are probably the right choice for you. Sell My Timeshare NOW is a timeshare resale and rental advertising website that serves as a connection point and resource for timeshare sellers, buyers, renters, and owners. offers timeshare rental services with assistance from a licensed timeshare broker who will handle every detail of your timeshare rental transaction for you.

Pick what’s right for you and then start shopping. The possibilities for vacationing in a timeshare rental are amazing, and they are just waiting for the next savvy vacationer to come along and snatch them up.

Your Choice, a Kitchen in Your Timeshare or a Plastic Water Bottle with Bling

Your Choice, a Kitchen in Your Timeshare or a Plastic Water Bottle with Bling

Disney's Saratoga Springs Resort & Spa

You can’t blame hotels for trying to compete with the comforts of timeshares. Most timeshare condos and larger timeshare units offer full kitchens with real home-style amenities including cookware, ovens, microwaves, full-size refrigerators, and even dishwashers. Just because you are traveling or on vacation doesn’t mean you have to do without the conveniences of home, like feeding the kids the cereal they prefer instead of hauling them downstairs to breakfast in the hotel dining room.

A kitchen in your timeshare rental or resale unit means you can eat what you want, when you want. You can raid the fridge in the middle of the night, stick to your diet, or get off your diet … the choice is yours.

Vacation in a hotel and your options are more limited. Hotel guests are lucky to have an ice bucket and clean cups for morning coffee. Too often, the little refrigerator (if there is one) in the corner of your hotel room is actually a mini bar, which means it won’t hold a can of your favorite soft drink because it is stocked with pricey snack food.

Timeshare Resort Comforts vs. Hotel Creativity?

Recently it seems that hotels are getting more creative with what they stock in the mini bar. Not only are hotels replacing that bag of overpriced chips with an even more expensive bag of organic herb crackers, but some are taking things to another level. How about water priced at $25 because the plastic bottle is decorated with Swarovski crystals? Or candy cigarettes, coconut water, and copies of classic books such as The Great Gatsby in your mini bar … does this really interest you?

If hotels are competing for your attention (and your dollars), they are only in competition with each other. A kitchen in your timeshare unit is handy and adds considerably to your vacation enjoyment, just as the multiple television sets, DVRs, electronic game units, washers and dryers, and other timeshare comforts make vacationing more pleasurable.

Perhaps timeshare resorts recognize that you value choice and convenience over water in sparkly bottles and that if you want to read a classic book during your vacation, you’ll probably download it at no cost on your ebook reader or notebook computer.

Do the comparison yourself. You and your family friends can share one double room and one bathroom, eating delivery pizza from a box on the bed. Or you can spread out and enjoy a resort that combines vacation amenities with the comforts you are accustomed to at home, all the while paying no more (and sometimes less) for the timeshare than you would for hotel accommodations.

Time to declare timeshares vacations the winner!

Kings Creek Plantation Timeshare Owners Gain Customize Services with Interval International

Kings Creek Plantation Timeshare Owners Gain Customize Services with Interval International

Through a multi-year contract extension, Interval International, a worldwide leader in timeshare exchange and vacation services, has expanded and extended its relationship with King’s Creek Plantation LLC. The agreement covers all three phases of King’s Creek Plantation in Williamsburg, Virginia, and any resort properties developed during the duration of the agreement.

Interval International timeshare exchange will also be assisting in the design and launch of the new King’s Creek points-based vacation club, to be known as Club Explore.

David Gilbert, executive vice president of resort sales and marketing for Interval International, says, “We are very pleased to take our relationship with the King’s Creek team to the next level and collaborate with them as they enhance their already successful business. Long known for delivering unique vacation experiences, King’s Creek now also offers its owners the ultimate in flexibility with the addition of its points-based club.”

King’s Creek Plantation is an 98-acre timeshare resort that includes The Cottages, The Townes, and The Estates. Designed to emulate the desirable features of a great residential community, King’s Creek Plantation includes cottage timeshare units, condos and estate homes, all with charming front porches and roomy decks. On-property amenities include a fitness center, tennis and basketball courts, a jogging trail, indoor and outdoor hot tubs, a pool and a conveniently located general store. A tram keeps it easy for timeshare owners and guests to move around the timeshare resort.

Check The Timeshare Authority blog this week for more about this popular Williamsburg timeshare resort and the benefits of Club Explore. And follow these links for great deals on King’s Creek Plantation timeshare resales and timeshare rentals:

King’s Creek Plantation cottages and townhomes

King’s Creek Plantation Estates

King's Creek Plantation Timeshare
King's Creek Plantation Timeshare