timeshare industry

Timeshare Industry Continues To Grow Annually

According to the ARDA International Foundation (AIF) in their 2016 U.S. Shared Vacation Ownership Consolidated Owners Report from, the timeshare industry maintains a healthy existence. The report shows owners becoming increasingly engaged with their timeshares, with about 9.2 million households in America currently owning a timeshare with an average length of ownership being nine years.

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staysky vacation clubs

staySky Vacation Clubs’ Lake Buena Vista Resort Distinguished by Interval International

Interval International, the second-largest vacation ownership exchange company in the world, has selected staySky Vacation Clubs’ Lake Buena Vista Resort Village and Spa as its 2016 Premiere Resort. The award is a result of constant positive feedback from customers, thorough resort inspections, and high-quality accommodations and amenities.

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Westin Timeshare

Westin St. John to Become Timeshare Resort

Previously a member of the hotel section of Starwood North America, Westin St. John will soon become a member of Starwood Vacation Ownership with their upcoming transformation into a vacation ownership resort. Come the year 2017, the make-over will be complete and this once-hotel will be a vacation ownership resort composed of deluxe villa timeshare units.

Currently, Westin St. John has a total of 96 hotel rooms. When renovations begin next week, those rooms with be reduced to 45 to allow guests to visit the resort during the year-long revamping. In time, those will likely become villas as well, once the other rooms have been transformed into villa units. There is also room for the resort to expand in the upcoming years as business has been booming, and there is more customer demand to purchase vacation ownership properties.

Director of Operations for Westin St. John, Sam Hugli, talked about the industry wide shift to vacation ownership, saying, “You’re basically a part-time owner of the unit. Vacation ownership units give customers more flexibility to travel to other locations” (more so than traditional timeshare).

Changing the model of the resort will also lengthen the length of the resort’s season. Summer months are traditionally slow in this area, but now customers will be forced to purchase their vacation weeks during this time as more popular weeks fill up.

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staySKY Vacation Club

staySky Vacation Clubs Modernizes Travel

This past summer marked the one year anniversary for staySky Vacation Clubs, a Florida-based travel club. According to their website, staySky Vacation Clubs is a family of flexible, points-based vacation ownership clubs that offer members a lifetime of travel in locations throughout more than 80 countries. The key to the company’s popularity is the opportunities it provides members who want to create a unique vacation each year. [Read more…]