staySky Vacation Clubs Modernizes Travel

staySKY Vacation Club

This past summer marked the one year anniversary for staySky Vacation Clubs, a Florida-based travel club. According to their website, staySky Vacation Clubs is a family of flexible, points-based vacation ownership clubs that offer members a lifetime of travel in locations throughout more than 80 countries. The key to the company’s popularity is the opportunities it provides members who want to create a unique vacation each year.

“Vacation trends are changing,” says Jack Chevrier, President, staySky Vacation Clubs. “Travelers today want variety, ease and flexibility, and staySky Vacation Clubs has been designed to meet all those needs.” “Members can take advantage of an unlimited number of vacation club features and perks at home and away,” Chevrier continues. “Stay at one of our prime home resorts in Orlando, take a cruise, go on a biking tour of Southern France, watch the palm trees sway in the Caribbean breeze, go deep sea fishing or spend a day at the spa. The choices are endless.”

staySky provides a modern take on vacation clubs, allowing members to pick from different membership options and no long-term commitment, among other notable features. Once members have signed on, they can use, bank or borrow staySky® points between years and earn rewards credits for upgraded vacation experiences. One of the opportunities members have available is enrollment in the Interval International® Gold program. Interval International has a worldwide network of nearly 3,000 resorts in more than 80 countries.

Another benefit of membership is staySky® Escapes. In addition to discounted stays at more than 407,000 hotels and resorts around the globe, there are quite a few value-added options available, even when members are at home. Members can even receive special discounts and offers at local establishments. When members utilize these benefits, the money they spend comes back in the form of credits they can use to reduce their maintenance fees and travel expenses such as airfare.

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