Shows First Quarter Growth in Timeshare Resale and Rental Offers Shows First Quarter Growth in Timeshare Resale and Rental Offers

The online leader in purchasing, renting, and selling timeshares on the secondary market,, continues its rapid growth in the vacation ownership resale space. The Orlando-based company recently released its 2016 First Quarter Offer Report, which showed a growth in the number of offers made on its web properties. The combined value of confirmed offers revealed a 15% increase from the same period last year.

The timeshare resale and rental leader is poised to have another record-breaking year in 2016, with more than $86 million in purchase and rental offers in Q1 alone.

President of Chad Newbold stated:

“As usual, we hit the ground running in 2016. The value of timeshare purchase offers increased by more than 31%, with 9,543 individual confirmed offers forwarded to our advertisers, along with an additional 4,674 inquiries. As an established leader in the timeshare resale industry, the continuing growth in the amount of offers we deliver further demonstrates our commitment to providing a viable resale solution to timeshare owners as well as our ongoing efforts to bring vacation ownership to the next generation of buyers and travelers.”

Another notable takeaway from’s report is the increase in site activity from Millennials. In the first three months of 2016, their website saw an increase of 11% in website usage by individuals between the ages of 18 and 34 compared to the same time period in 2015. Pair that with the statistics from ARDA’s 2105 Next Generation Study which shows that eight out of ten Millennials look at timeshares positively, and the result is not only promising for, but for the secondary market as a whole.

As more Millennials turn to the timeshare resale and rental market for more affordable and convenient travel solutions, appears to be in the perfect position to continue its growth within the industry. To learn more about’s leading timeshare resale and rental services, visit their website.

Inspirato With American Express

New Study On Vacation Home Rental Clubs

Recently, the luxury vacation club Inspirato with American Express conducted a study to learn the travel habits of vacation home renters.

The study was conducted through an online survey by Harris Poll for Inspirato. Over 2,000 travelers were polled to learn travel habits and which benefits they value most in regards to vacation rentals. [Read more…]

6 Ways You Overpaid for Your Last Family Vacation

6 Ways You Overpaid for Your Last Family Vacation

6 ways to save on a family vacation.
6 ways to save on a family vacation.

You’ve read all the updates about America, the under-vacationed nation. You already know that most of us leave vacation days on the table—time off that we could be spending jet skiing at the lake, relaxing by a pool, or hiking in a cool, fragrant forest. And the reasons we do this are more complex than vacation costs alone, involving demands at work, job insecurities, and other workplace dynamics. But if taking vacation time was more affordable, don’t you think people would try harder to find a way around the challenges of getting away from their jobs and their daily routines?

Here are 6 ways that many people leave family vacation dollars on the table, paying more than they need to for accommodations and travel services that others are enjoying for much less.

  1. Need to rent a car? Don’t just book it; bid for it or negotiate a rate. Hotwire and Priceline both offer options for you to bid for a rental vehicle from most of the major car rental companies. A website you may not have discovered yet,, offers rental deals that include local car companies as well as national brands. And most companies offer specials, coupons, and membership discounts for groups you already belong to such as alumni associations, AAA, professional associations, and even warehouse or buying clubs.
  2. Airfares really are cheaper on certain days of the week. This is more than urban legend; airfares are at their lowest on Tuesday afternoons and begin to creep up throughout the week, with buying airfares on weekends being the most expensive time to shop.
  3. Renting a timeshare, as most include eat-in kitchens, can save you a ton on dining out and also make it easy to pack snacks for days you will be spending at places, such as theme parks, where on-site food costs drive up the price of your daily fun.
  4. Consider alternate airports. If you have to rent a car at your destination anyway, you might find the best price on air travel isn’t to fly directly to your destination. Most online travel booking websites offer the option to “search nearby airports” and many even let you set a distance by miles for how far from your target destination you are willing to travel. One example of using an alternate airport is the Orlando-Sanford International Airport, which is located within an hour’s drive of the theme parks and attractions in the popular Orlando-Kissimmee family vacation area. Served by a limited number of airlines, you’ll find that this Orlando travel alternative not only offers highly competitive prices on domestic carriers to US destinations, but also on travel from Europe and South America through international carriers. And although it is a full service facility, it’s smaller size makes this airport one you can move through quickly, saving time to offset the fact that it may not be the closest to your timeshare rental or the parks you plan to visit.
  5. Renting a timeshare typically means you can pack lighter. Since most timeshares include either an in-unit washer and dryer, or laundry facilities convenient to your timeshare unit, (such as in a common hallway and shared by a few units), you can buy less and pack less, reducing luggage fees.
  6. When you plan a family vacation in a timeshare rental, you have options for how much money you want to save. You can rent directly from a resort and you will save over the cost of a hotel room, because you can accommodate more people, more comfortably, without the cost of renting additional timeshare units. But that is only the beginning of the savings possible on timeshare rentals. You can rent timeshare directly from the person who currently owns the timeshare, either in a rent by owner transaction or by working with a company that specializes in timeshare resort rentals. Renting timeshare from the owner or the owner’s representative, often means you are working with someone who is only looking to cover or offset the costs of his annual timeshare maintenance fee. These drastically reduced rates on accommodations are in fact, a win-win for timeshare owners and vacationers.
Sweet News for Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation

Sweet News for Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation

Beautiful Marriott timeshares, like the Ko Olina Beach Club.
Marriott Ko Olina Beach Club, Part of Marriott Vacations Worldwide

Marriott Vacations Worldwide Corporation (Marriott timeshare) saw higher second-quarter revenue and profit. With this news, shares of Marriott Vacations timeshare reached their highest point since the company split from the Marriott International Corporation in November of 2011 and went public as a separate company.

Marriott Vacation Club now anticipates full-year adjusted earnings of $1.94 to $2.10 per share based on revenue increase of 10 percent to $421 million, as well as other factors. This growth is in part because of an increase in Marriott timeshare rental revenue, which saw an 18 percent gain. Marriott Vacations President and Chief Executive Officer Stephen Weisz released a statement saying that the company’s earnings growth was attributable to:

  • higher development margins
  • improved performance at the company’s rental and resort-management business
  • and more efficient marketing.

Weisz’ comments are  in accord with Marriott timeshare’s first quarter results that showed growth primarily stemming from higher margins and increased timeshare rentals, not from the sale of new timeshares.  (See: Profits Rise at Marriott Vacations Worldwide)

Orlando Sentinel senior reporter Jason Garcia also notes (Marriott time-share business reports higher profits, expects lower taxes) that the company “raised its cash flow forecast for the rest of the year primarily because it expects to pay less in income taxes.”

Marriott Vacations includes The Ritz-Carlton Destination Club brand.

The video below, looks at  Marriott Collection vacations, which offer over 3,500 hotels and resorts around the globe as part of the Marriott Vacation Corporation worldwide exchange opportunities.