New Study On Vacation Home Rental Clubs

Inspirato With American Express

Recently, the luxury vacation club Inspirato with American Express conducted a study to learn the travel habits of vacation home renters.

The study was conducted through an online survey by Harris Poll for Inspirato. Over 2,000 travelers were polled to learn travel habits and which benefits they value most in regards to vacation rentals.

The biggest result from the study was the conclusion that the majority of renters are large families. Amongst the study participants, Inspirato found that 56% of vacation home rentals were used by this group.

Results also showed that 93% of traveling families valued “having privacy”. This benefit was followed by the value of “having space to spread out,” which about 83% of families valued. In addition, the study found that 82% of families valued the “ability to stay with children and/or family and/or friends under one roof.”

These results were no surprise to Brian Corbett, Founder and Chief Experience Office at Inspirato. As an industry veteran, Corbett has worked with thousands of families to provide accommodations in Mexico, Europe, the U.S., and the Caribbean through the Inspirato vacation club.

Additional vacation benefits supported by survey participants included: an authentic experience unique to the destination, large common areas, and a private kitchen.

Corbett said, “Inspirato was founded specifically with the unique needs of families in mind. Once you’ve vacationed in a vacation home, where you can comfortably accommodate the whole family, prepare big family meals in your own kitchen, gather together in a great room at the end of the day, and give everyone the space and privacy they need to be comfortable, it’s hard to imagine traveling any other way.”

The survey also asked participants what obstacles they’ve had to overcome while staying at a rental home. The responses included lack of amenities (compared to a hotel), maintenance problems (ex-air conditioning malfunctioning), and poor quality. Fortunately, Inspirato has eliminated most of these concerns by managing each rental property within the network.

Corbett continued, “Anyone who has arrived at a vacation home rental only to discover it looks nothing like the pictures you saw online can relate to some of the challenges of renting online or directly from a homeowner. Fortunately, travelers now have options that have eliminated those obstacles. At Inspirato, we fully manage and control our hundreds of vacations homes, so we are able to ensure a consistently high level of quality that largely eliminates these concerns.”

The participants also indicated that overall their experience with vacation home rentals has been positive, and most intend to rent a vacation home again.

Vice President, The Harris Poll Regina Corso commented, “Almost two in five, or 38 percent of Americans, and nearly half — 48 percent — of this year’s family travelers said that they would be more likely to stay in a vacation home rental over other lodging options in the future. This shows the trend of families choosing vacation home rentals for their lodging option is likely to continue to be a factor in travel.”