Pondering A Timeshare Deal?

If you are considering buying a timeshare vacation property, but can’t decide if timesharing is right for you, here are some interesting new facts that may help you with your decision.

According to industry statistics recently released by ARDA, the American Resort Development Association, 80.3 percent of all timeshare owners express satisfaction with their purchase. Even more significant is the fact that among those who have purchased a timeshare, only 4.4 percent say they are highly dissatisfied with their timeshare deal. When you consider how difficult it is to please all of the people, all of the time, the timeshare vacation industry is creating some amazing success.

One in four owners of Interval timeshare or a timeshare vacation club membership indicate they are interested in purchasing additional timeshares. Nearly 76 percent of current owners also say that timesharing has enhanced their anticipation of vacation time. Among those who own timeshare, only 9.5 percent of all properties went unused during the last twelve months, with over 83 percent of owners either personally enjoying their timeshare or banking it for future use.

While you can’t gauge your personal satisfaction on the happiness of others, the low incidence of dissatisfaction among timeshare vacation property owners is worth noting. And of course, the most cost-effective way to become a timeshare vacation owner is to purchase your timeshare directly from the current owner. Timeshare resales offer the best values and the most hassle-free way to join the more than four million people in the US alone who own and enjoy timeshares.