Timeshare Auctions

Do you like auctions? They’re like the holidays: there’s drama, anticipation, maybe disappointment, hope, joy…. and bragging rights if all goes well.

Auctions are very popular nowadays. Well, actually, they have been for ages. Probably the cavemen held them over the very best dwelling: “I’ll trade ya twelve saber-toothed tiger hides for that there awesome cave with a spring in it.” With the advent of a really workable internet, auction sites like eBay have changed the way we do business. You don’t have to roast beast with your neighbor before doing business; you can transact with someone on the other side of the planet, in the middle of your night and their breakfast, even if you don’t speak their language. The internet is an awesome tool.

Opposable thumbs were a good start, and they have led us to some amazing technologies. But you’ve got to have the right tool for the right project. And the right auction for what you’re looking to sell or buy. If you want to unload an old but useful item, like a banged-up bureau, and you don’t care about its value or receiving any money for it, then a charity fundraiser is a great way to go. If you have an extremely valuable chair used by Napoleon, you’ll want to head to Christie’s. Reason: the right audience of buyers will pay the very best price. And, by the same token, if you want to buy a brilliant piece, you would go to the very best auction, not to the corner pawn shop.

Timeshare auctions work the same way. Not only is the timeshare itself important, but the venue in which it is being sold affects price and the types of buyers. SellMyTimeshareNOW.com is “la creme de la creme.” We rise to the top of the internet world every day, whether you are in New Zealand or Russia or the United States or anywhere in between. We have the best venue, the best available inventory, and the best prices.

Go to the top, the cream of the crop.