Orlando Timeshare Vacation Resort is Better than Ever

The Wyndham Palms Resort and Country Club in Orlando, Florida now has a new identity as the Mystic Dunes Resort and Golf Club. If that name already sounds familiar, it may be because Tempus Resorts International is simply renaming their flagship Orlando property to carry the name of their well-known golf course.

Roger Farwell, president and CEO of Tempus Resorts International Limited, says, “Our new brand is a perfect fit for our resort as it reflects the unique beauty and topography of our property and the quality vacation experience that we currently provide to our owners and guests, while lending opportunity to expand our property and services even further.”

When Farwell speaks of unique topography, he is talking about the fact that the Mystic Dunes golf course, and much of the overall property of the resort, has been built on some of the highest elevations in Florida. Where once two prehistoric oceans lapped at the sandbar that is now the Florida peninsula, the high sand ridge left behind in the center of the state represents the apex of the ancient beach. Perfect for golf, this land offers natural elevation changes not found in most other areas of the state. Likewise, because the soil is so high in sand content, when the semi-tropical rains fall during hurricane season (late May to mid-November) the high percolation rate of the sandy soil means the greens and fairways drain and dry quickly. Golf courses built along this ancient sand ridge are rarely unplayable because of standing water. No wonder people often liken Mystic Dunes to the sandy links land that buffers the fairways of so many famous British golf courses.

Along with the Gary Koch-designed golf course, the resort offers timeshare vacation owners at Mystic Dunes beautiful vistas of rolling hills, orange groves and native vegetation surrounding each timeshare condo. With the new identity, the timeshare company is expanding accommodations from 652 one, two, and three-bedroom timeshare condos to 717, as well as adding high speed internet access, DVD players and video-on-demand to every timeshare unit.

In the Central Florida Orlando-Kissimmee vacation destination area, Mystic Dunes offers a chance to savor the peace and quietude of the great outdoors, with the convenience of being less than three miles from the Walt Disney property.

Tempus ranks as one of Central Florida’s top 100 privately held companies according to the Golden 100 Rankings established by the Orlando Business Journal 2006. The resort itself has maintained a “5-Star Resort” ranking from Interval International since opening in 1998.