Uncertain News about Royal Oasis Timeshare Resort

A bit of hopeful news for owners at Royal Oasis timeshare vacation resort.

I haven’t written about Royal Oasis timeshare resort since May of 2006. Even though some of our regular readers have asked for updates, I haven’t been able to offer any—there just has not been any reliable news.

But according to a recent edition of the Newport News, online edition, Bahamian Prime Minister Perry Christie and Tourism Minister Obie Wilchcombe have both “hinted” at a pending purchase. The Newport News quoted Wilchcombe as saying, “We know that the group is the right fit for Freeport and will bring the brand, the experience and the commitment to Freeport and to Grand Bahama.”

In case you are not familiar with Royal Oasis, the timeshare resort was damaged by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne, in September of 2004. When the timeshare company closed the resort, over one thousand people were laid off. To exacerbate the impact on the local economy, two thirds of the 38 merchants at the International Bazaar, businesses supported in large part by the timeshare owners and visitors at Royal Oasis, have also had to close.

As for the timeshare owners themselves, they have been left to own or in many cases, make payments on property that is unusable and un-saleable. Royal Oasis is a highly atypical situation in the world of timesharing today. There are thousands and thousands of timeshare vacation resorts around the globe and it is inevitable that every year a few properties will sustain damage from natural disasters such as hurricanes, tornadoes, flooding, or fire. But you never hear about these situations because repairs are made quickly, business is soon back to normal, and individual owners are not personally impacted when it comes to using and enjoying their interval timeshare or vacation club membership.

Here’s the one thing you can count on. As soon as any of us at Sell My Timeshare NOW know anything definitive about Royal Oasis, we will be passing that information along to you.