Timeshare Companies on Fast Track for Growth

Buyers and sellers of timeshare need to stay on top of the trends.

When you buy a timeshare or timeshare resale, you can base your decision-making solely on the location, amenities, options, and price that best suit your personal budget. But if you see resale or even exchanging in your future, then you also should consider factors that other people most frequently seek in a timeshare resort or vacation club.

Two-bedroom units are by far the most popular and of course, you need to consider the desirability of the week or timeshare interval you own. But a sometimes-overlooked factor that influences resale-ability is brand. As I have mentioned before, people are comfortable with names they already know and trust. If someone likes a certain hotel chain, they naturally assume they will like timeshare resorts developed under the same brand. And big-names give buyers a sense of assurance that the company they trust is going to be around for awhile.

Of course you know and recognize the major brand players in timesharing. Disney, Hyatt, Hilton, Marriott, Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, Starwood, are only a few of the companies that inspire confidence among timeshare buyers. HOTELS magazine recently added to that list with some other timeshare names you may or may not know, but should watch for. Based on research from HOTELS magazine, here’s RCI’s list of “fast-track” timeshare companies:

  • In the US and Mexico: Bluegreen Corporation, Burroughs & Chapin, and Mayan Resorts (Mexico)
  • In Europe: Pestana Hotels & Resorts, Porto Bay Group, Sol Meliá, Hilton International, and Ramada
  • In Asia: Mahindra Holidays & Resorts India, Royal Resorts (Australia)
  • In Africa: Sun International

Interval International’s list includes:

  • In the US and Mexico: Gold Key Resorts, Westgate Resorts, and Villa Group (Mexico)
  • In Europe: DeVere Hotels & Resorts (UK), and Royal Savoy Resort (Portugal)
  • In the Middle East: Caryatid Properties, developer for the Royal Club at The Palm, Beijing’s Xiang Luxiang, and Development Corp.’s private residence clubs

Other notables: Grecotel, Club La Costa, RMI, and HC (Europe).

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