Here I Am Talking About Clocky Again

There is an interesting link between timeshares and time pieces.

I wrote about Clocky in 2005 when it was just a prototype homework project for MIT graduate student, Gauri Nanda. Ms. Nanda, a native of Michigan, has—like many of us—struggled from time to time dragging herself out of bed in the mornings. As you would expect from a gifted MIT grad student, Gauri Nanda set out to solve her problem and get class credit at the same time. She may also wind up being a very successful designer and businessperson in the process.

Carpet-covered Clocky

When I first blogged about Clocky, it was just a simple clock-on-wheels, wrapped up in shag carpet. Today it is sleek, sophisticated, and well on its way to being a niche-market success story. The idea behind Clocky is, when the alarm sounds, you can either turn it off and get out of bed or you can hit the snooze button.

When you hit the snooze button, you may get to drift back to a few more minutes of slumber, but you have just given Clocky the challenge for which it was built. Press the snooze button and Clocky is programmed to immediately roll away from you; typically off your nightstand, onto the floor. Clocky will roll away from you in randomly programmed directions, forcing you to leave the comfort of your bed in order to turn off the ringing alarm.

Besides the fact that I admire the inventor for developing a product that is both genuinely useful and is actually fresh and unique—something that is hard to do these days—why does this nagging alarm clock deserve not one, but two mentions in our Sell My Timeshare NOW blog? Because as great as Clocky is from a design standpoint, Clocky is exactly the reason we need timeshare vacations. If you weren’t already tired enough each morning, the recent shift to Daylight Savings Time observed in most parts of the country was enough to remind us that we never really get enough rest and down time. Too many of us start our workdays exhausted from the day before. Too many of us work nights, weekends, and long, unappreciated hours of overtime. If we dare to think about taking a vacation, we don’t even feel as if we had time to plan it. But nothing makes vacation planning as simple and as streamlined as timeshares do.

Also, for a lot of people, taking an entire week of leisure is an impossibility. Not to worry, chances are, your timeshare company is ahead of you in solving that problem. Most interval timeshare can now be used in increments of 2, 3, or 4 days, meaning you can get in several mini-vacations in your timeshare unit or a timeshare rental.

Go ahead, schedule that interval timeshare you already own, or look into the great timeshare deals in rentals and resales, and then, as I wrote nearly two years ago, “Leave your alarm clock – whatever kind you prefer to use – in a different time zone and go on holiday.”

Take a timeshare vacation. You’ve earned it.

You need a timeshare vacation.