Are NASCAR Fans Making Use of Timeshare Vacation Property?

With NASCAR enthusiasts now one of the fastest growing sports fan bases in the country, more timeshare owners see potential to use their timeshare vacation property themselves or rent it to other fans during the big races.

NASCAR Fans Can Put Timeshare Resales to Use

Who is staying in your Texas timeshare to watch NASCAR’s Samsung 500 on Sunday at the Texas Motor Speedway? Who is scheduled in your Arizona timeshare to see the Subway Fresh Fit 500 next week, or in your Alabama timeshare the week after that for the Aaron’s 499?

NASCAR is one of the fastest growing spectator sports in the US and their fans are some of the most loyal. But have you ever tried to get a hotel or motel room within a 150-mile radius of Talladega, Alabama on a race weekend? It can’t be done, and the same is true for accommodations in many of the cities that host NASCAR events.

So if you follow the races or know someone who does, don’t overlook timeshare rentals or timeshare exchanges for your lodging. While many big names in corporate America spend a lot of money to promote themselves to NASCAR fans, hotels (other than Holiday Inn) and timeshare companies have not been known for paying to advertise their logos on the uniforms and cars of NASCAR drivers. But I predict this may be changing. You see, women (already comprising some 40 percent of race fans) are the fastest growing segment of the NASCAR fan base. And while camping in the infield or the parking lot may have been acceptable when NASCAR was primarily a guy’s sport, as racing becomes more and more of a shared family pastime, look for hoteliers and timeshare companies to start paying attention to this expanding market.

Earlier this spring, Super 8 ® Motels, part of Wyndham Worldwide Resorts and timeshares, announced that they have signed an agreement with Petty Enterprises to become the official lodging partner and associate sponsor of the Number 43 Cheerios/Betty Crocker Dodge that Bobby Labonte drives. You may have already noticed the Super 8 logo on Labonte’s car and his uniform this season.

To help you coordinate your timeshare vacation schedule with the upcoming NASCAR season, here is a list of the official events scheduled in 2007: