Take Your Bicycle Along on Your Next Timeshare Vacation

Utah Cyclists Could Take Timeshare Vacations

The Ultimate Cyclist Vacation Club is a good idea that might be an excellent match with timesharing.

I ran across the idea of the Ultimate Cyclist Vacation Club on an interesting blog: www.fatcyclist.com. The writer (who seems to go only by the name, Fatty) has an idea that I think sounds great.

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An avid biker, Fatty suggests what he calls, “The Ultimate Five-Day Trip,” which he would host in his home area of Utah. His plan calls for inviting other cyclists (he suggests a group of seven) to join him on a five-day ride, where he would choose the trails, the places to eat, and generally coordinate all the details of the trip. He compares his role as host to that of Mr. Roarke, from the old television show, Fantasy Island. And then suggests that other bikers would follow up by hosting trips in their favorite biking territory.

Fatty describes the highlights of his proposed Utah bike trip like this: the ride would take in the epic views of Tibble Fork, the natural waterslide at Hog’s Hollow, an 80-mile section with 9000 feet of climbing called the Gauntlet, and then drop down into southern Utah to Gooseberry and Little Creek Mesa.

For housing, Fatty suggests accommodations at the local Marriott, but I have another suggestion: timeshares!

Think about how comfortably seven people could stay in a 3-bedroom timeshare or a couple of 2-bedroom timeshare units? The average 2-bedroom timeshare unit is usually designed to sleep between six and eight people, while 3 and 4-bedroom units may sleep up to ten. There are some spectacular Utah timeshares, and even more spectacular deals on Utah timeshare resales and by-owner timeshare rentals. And when you split the cost 7 ways, these great deals get even better.

The more I thought about the options, the more exciting I thought it was. A group of cyclists could purchase a timeshare resale jointly, then use their exchange privileges to help them plan annual bike trips to all parts of the country. Or they could just take advantage of a timeshare rental, and with no other commitments, pick a different place to go every year.

And for less adventurous bikers, many timeshare resorts have excellent bike trails in place, perfect for both adults and children to enjoy, often without leaving the security of the resort property. Bike trekking and timeshare resorts are a new combination, I’d never considered, but when you think about it, the opportunities are endless.

Here’s a link to a great page of Utah mountain biking video. Please remember that these videos are the copyrighted material of UtahMountainBiking.com.

biking video download link

Here is also a great You-Tube Video of biking Gooseberry Mesa.