Hershey Timeshares and Chocolate—It’s All Good News

The only thing better than chocolate or a timeshare vacation might be enjoying them both at the same time in Hershey, Pennsylvania timeshares.

Finally there’s some good news about the food we eat. If you are like me, in your lifetime, you have heard many foods once touted as good for you, demoted to the ranks of unhealthy. The food police seem to have condemned everything from steaks grilled over charcoal to grandma’s homemade yeast rolls as something you should eliminate from your diet.

So I was really pleased to read recent studies that say, in moderation, dark chocolate and other foods rich in cocoa, may help lower blood pressure. Health Day News (http://www.healthday.com) quoted Dr. Dirk Taubert, senior lecturer in pharmacology and toxicology at University Hospital in Cologne, Germany as saying, “Based on our analysis, regular consumption of polyphenol-rich cocoa products like dark chocolate may be considered a part of a blood pressure-lowering diet, provided there is no total gain in calorie intake.”

And it only seems logical to me that if chocolate can lower your blood pressure, and we already know how beneficial a week of r & r can be to your health, then a week in a timeshare unit at Hershey, Pennsylvania ought to be just what the doctor ordered. The city of Hershey is home to the Hershey Company, manufacturer of all those Hershey products we enjoy, including the classic Hershey® bar, Kisses®, Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups, and even Jolly Ranchers®.

If you’ve ever traveled to the city of Hershey, you know that throughout the town, the aroma of chocolate fills the air. In this chocolate-themed town, even the streetlights replicate the chocolate company’s most famous product, the foil-wrapped Hershey’s Kiss. Hershey is also home to Hersheypark®. This 100-year-old theme park was built as a gift from one of America’s greatest philanthropists, Milton Hershey, to the workers employed by his company. Theme park aficionados appreciate Hersheypark because it offers a great mix of rides and attractions to appeal to adults and even the park’s youngest visitors. You can buy or rent Hershey timeshare at The Suites at Hershey Resort, or perhaps choose a Pennsylvania timeshare resale in nearby locations that make it easy to also enjoy historic Gettysburg Battlefield Park and all the charms of the Pennsylvania Dutch countryside.

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