Family Circle Magazine Looks at The Truth About Timeshares

Recent article on timesharing packed with valuable information on the benefits of timesharing.

A colleague recently brought to my attention a great article on timeshares that appeared in the May issue of Family Circle magazine. Peg Rosen, author of “The Truth About Timeshares,” looked at the topic from several angles. In her article, Rosen suggests, “buying from a developer isn’t your only (or smartest) option.”


Haven’t we always told you the same thing here on the Timeshare Owners Blog and on our company’s website

As the article goes on to explain, when looking into a timeshare company, with their sales and marketing pitch that is often extravagant, interested timeshare buyers should, “investigate the resale market, where the inventory is enormous and many owners are eager to unload their timeshares.”

Here are some of the reasons Rosen suggests for the fact that timeshare sales have double in the past decade:

  • Government regulation has provided better consumer protection.
  • Trusted big name brands like Disney, Marriott and Hyatt have entered the market.
  • Points programs provide more flexibility than ever before.
  • And the growing number of urban timeshares now offers locations in the heart of some of the world’s greatest and most interesting cities.