Scary-High Gas Prices and What They Mean For Timeshare Vacations

Gas prices just keep going up and up. Plan your summer vacation accordingly.

Our blog entry for May 1 was all about the rising price of gas. Well, a month has passed, and gas is even more expensive. For most people, the price of gas affects almost every part of the family budget—especially the family’s summer vacation plans. In fact, gas prices are such a big deal that Sell My Timeshare NOW issued a press release recommending that people use their timeshares to plan a vacation at a resort close to home to save on both drive time and gas. We used the website as part of our research on just how much the record-high gas prices were impacting leisure travel.

Two weeks later, I saw an online article that voiced a similar sentiment. Author Kim McGrigg, had written a piece called, “High Fuel Costs Might Change The Way Americans Vacation.” McGrigg’s article appeared in (Arizona Family) and is based on a National Retail Federation survey and Money Management International. She recommends that vacationers:

  • • Create a budget.
  • • Plan out their trip.
  • • Drive sensibly.
  • • Stay closer to home.

McGrigg’s idea is that people shouldn’t cancel their vacations; they just need to cut costs in new ways in order to balance out the rising cost of gas. For example, “look for alternatives to expensive hotel stays, such as timeshare properties, cabins, hostels or stay with family and friends.”

I am always surprised by the number of people who do not know that you don’t have to buy timeshare vacation property in order to enjoy most timeshare resorts. Sell My Timeshare NOW has an extensive inventory of fabulous timeshare vacation properties for rent by owner. When you rent timeshare, you deal directly with the timeshare owner. When timeshare owners are unable to use their timeshare, rather than it being a loss to them, they often advertise their timeshare units as rentals, usually at very competitive prices.

Buying timeshare is a great way to cut the costs of vacationing over a lifetime. But when buying timeshare isn’t the right thing to do at the moment, don’t miss out on the great deals and cost savings you can find in timeshare rentals.