Update on the Timeshare Fires in Tennessee

Investigation continues into timeshare fires in Tennessee.

In our May 29 blog, I told you about fires at the (Wyndham) Fairfield Glade timeshare resort and Oak Knoll timeshares, which are still under investigation by Tennessee fire investigators and the state fire marshal. Two fires occurred less than a week apart. The first, at Oak Knoll timeshare, did much less damage than the second, which destroyed six timeshare units at Fairfield Glade.

While I don’t have any updates about the investigation, I thought you’d be interested in reporter, Michael R. Moser’s article, that appeared in the Crossville Chronicle. According to the article (dateline May 26, 2007), Terry and Melissa Byrum were on their honeymoon when smoke and the sounds of the fire drove them from their timeshare unit, shortly after one o’clock in the morning. Melissa Byrum worried that not only did the couple lose their wallets, billfolds, and all personal identification, but they lost the list that told the couple who had given them each of their wedding gifts. The new bride worried how she would send thank you notes to her guests.

A few doors away, Bobby and Peggy Dawson of Kinston, NC, were at the timeshare resort seeking a peaceful and relaxing place to enjoy their wedding anniversary. Thankfully, Byrum, who first became aware of the fire, was able to awaken the Dawsons and help lead them to safety. And William Brown and Gene Saywill of Decatur, AL, were pleased to make it safely out of the fire, but were not so happy about losing their favorite putters, with a tee time scheduled for the next morning. Their timeshare stay was a scheduled golf outing at one of the five championship golf courses at Fairfield Glade resort.

Fire, especially a possible arson, is a frightening thought. But the good news here is that all six timeshare guests involved, got out of the fire safely. Representatives of Wyndham Resorts, the owner of Fairfield Glade timeshares, were on the scene immediately. They ensured that everyone had emergency lodging and the items they needed to get through the next few days. Wyndham representatives remained on the scene through the night and for much of the following day.

Good job Wyndham and Fairfield Glade timeshares for taking such good care of your timeshare guests, despite an unfortunate situation!

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