The PGA Tour’s Buick Open has a Unique Connection with Sell My Timeshare NOW

As the third round gets underway today at the PGA Tour’s Buick Open, golf fans will be watching to see who makes the greatest strides on moving day, putting themselves in position to play in the final group on Sunday.

Once again, the beautiful Warwick Hills Golf & Country Club is host site for the tournament. Located in southeastern Michigan, (south of the city of Flint) Warwick Hills has hosted the Buick Open for 48 of its 49-year history. Which brings me to the special significance of the Buick Open to those of us at Sell My Timeshare NOW.

PGA Tour lifetime member, Bobby Cole, still occasionally tees it up on Tour and when he does, wears the logo of Sell My Timeshare NOW. And while Tiger Woods’ name may stand out at the Buick Open with two victories (2002 and 2006) or Vijay Singh with three victories (1997, 2004, and 2005), Bobby Cole has set his own records at this historic tournament. As some golf writers have said, Bobby Cole is the answer to more trivia questions about the Buick Open than any other pro golfer.

For example:

Bobby Cole - Photo credit the PGA Tour (c)

  • Name three professional golfers who earned their only US PGA Tour win at the Buick Open: Robert Wrenn in 1987; Jack Newton in 1978; and Bobby Cole in 1977.
  • Name the first Buick Open Champion who was not born in the United States: South African born, Bobby Cole.
  • Name the Buick Open Champion to set a tournament record of 17 under par for the 4-round event, with a record that remained unmatched for 7 years: Bobby Cole.
  • Name the only Buick Open Champion winner who did not win on the course at Warwick Hills? Why, Bobby Cole, of course. The 1977 tournament was played at the Flint Elks Country Club.

A lot of things have changed in 30 years. When Cole won the Buick Open in 1977, his prize money was $20,000. This year’s winner will take home $882,000 and a new Buick.

Things have also changed in timesharing over the past 30 years. In 1977, the concept of timesharing was just getting started. Timeshares were few and far between and almost always meant a fixed week at a fixed resort.

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