Nudist Retreat Plans to Add Timeshare Units

Now here’s a new twist on timesharing that I couldn’t resist bringing to your attention. The Mira Vista Resort in Marana, Arizona is planning an expansion that will include timeshare units. What makes this unique is that Mira Vista is a clothing optional guest ranch near Tucson.

Mira Vista Resort currently is a small, charming destination with 14 guest suites, a pool, spa, and restaurant. The historic property was once a stagecoach stop on the Butterfield Line for passengers traveling between St. Louis and San Francisco in the mid 1800’s. Later, in the heyday of the classic Western, movie stars including John Wane, Katharine Hepburn, Greta Garbo, and Cary Grant stayed at what was then known as the Saguaro Vista Guest Ranch.

Along the way, Mira Vista has also been a retreat for the families of alcoholics; a health resort; and, according to an article in the Arizona Daily Star, a guest ranch catering to gay and lesbian vacationers.

About a year ago, Mira Vista reopened as a nudist vacation destination. Now, the ownership has announced that planned expansion will include 100 new guest suites to be sold as timeshare units.

I am not very familiar with clothing optional resorts, but as I thought about this, I decided to place a call to the American Association for Nude Recreation. According to my conversations with AANR, Mira Vista is the first clothing optional destination to go timeshare, but it never really surprises me where timesharing shows up because it is one of the fastest growing segments of the vacation and hospitality industries today.

…You know I usually like to include photos with my blog posts, but this time, I just wasn’t sure what photos to use!