Changing Face of Sheraton Vistana Resort Timeshares

There is no doubt that the Sheraton Vistana timeshare resort in Orlando, Florida has sprouted a few gray hairs lately. Wrinkles are beginning to show up in a few places, and frankly, Vistana was beginning to lose the pep in her step.

…Age will do that to you.

Sheraton Vistana timeshares

RCI took notice of it and downgraded the Sheraton Vistana timeshare resort from a gold crown to a silver crown ranking. Fortunately for Sheraton Vistana timeshare owners, the resort’s Board of Directors also noticed the decline and made arrangements for a little timeshare nip and tuck.

The resort reportedly had nearly $4 million in accumulated reserves—this is one of the reasons timeshare owners pay those annual fees. Additionally, Vistana is assessing owners a fee to be billed in two increments over a six-month period. The total to be collected from the owners will be roughly an additional $10 million, targeted to cover the improvements.

The planned changes include:

Sheraton Vistana timeshare resales and rentals

  • New furnishings in many of the rooms.
  • 42-inch LCD televisions with Bose ® sound systems.
  • New linens, window treatments, and light fixtures.
  • New paint, trim, and carpeting. Wooden kitchen cabinetry, appliance upgrades, and granite countertops.
  • Make-over for the general store and the fitness center and basketball courts.

No word on a target completion date for the project, but it seems to me this could be an excellent time to purchase a Vistana timeshare resale from current owners looking to avoid any possible inconveniences that may occur during the renovation. Buy now at “old property” prices, then enjoy the benefits of owning a “new and improved” Vistana timeshare in the near future.

Apparently other people have had this idea too, because Sheraton Vistana is one of the timeshare resorts that showed up near the top of the Sell My Timeshare NOW Hot Properties List during the first quarter of 2007.