Lindsay Lohan Timeshare Scam Story

There’s a rumor going around that Lindsay Lohan has bought a California timeshare. To make the story even more titillating, Lindsay Lohan’s purchase is described as a “rehab time share” in an online article by the entertainment industry spoof website Dateline Hollywood.

It is true that there are timeshare resorts to suit a wide variety of needs and interests. In the past, I have written about urban timeshare, timeshare houseboats, and even timeshares for nudists, but to the very best of my knowledge, there is currently no such thing as a rehab time share. This story is a scam—an industry spoof of the daily headlines.

The Lindsay Lohan timeshare story quoted her as saying, “I realized that I was pouring money down the drain by renting a room every time I go into rehab.” While Lindsay Lohan probably did not say that, or anything close to that, the theory behind the statement is dead-on. Any time your vacation, business, or personal travel takes you back to the same location, time after time, it is usually a wise move to buy timeshare or a timeshare resale. And if a California timeshare interests you, there are great deals available in timeshare resales and timeshare rentals.

Dateline Hollywood is all about making the entertainment industry even more entertaining with articles that parody the activities of news making celebrities like Lindsay Lohan. And when you think about it, it must be a challenge to come up with spoofs that are more outrageous than what some celebrities and so-called celebrities are actually doing that makes the headlines.

Here’s a great short interview with Lindsay Lohan, filmed in 1997, just after she made Disney’s The Parent Trap. The interview, about her experience during the filming is credited to Entertainment Tonight and ETOnline.