St Andrews is the Home of Golf, Great Timeshares, and Finally, the Women’s British Open

The ladies of the LPGA and its European counterpart, the Ladies European Tour, as well as representatives from other international women’s golf tours, are finally getting the chance to tee it up at St. Andrews in a Major tournament.

Long overdue.

This week, historic St. Andrews is home to the Ricoh Women’s British Open, the first championship at the Old Course ever hosted for professional women golfers. For 154 years, the clubhouse at St. Andrews has carried the sign, “No Dogs. No Women”. Over the years, women have been permitted inside only for social events, despite the fact that women have played there since Mary Queen of Scotts first teed it up on the Old Course.

But as steeped in tradition as St. Andrews is, anyone can book a tee time there and it is an incredible place for a golf and timeshare vacation. Eight of St. Andrews’ ten courses are open to the public. There are wonderful opportunities in Scotland timeshares and certainly no better place for the true golf lover to holiday. You may even recall that some of the old dormitory buildings at St. Andrews University, have recently been converted to fabulous timeshares where Phil Mickelson is among the timeshare owners.

Sell My Timeshare NOW’s favorite PGA Tour veteran, Bobby Cole, who has played St. Andrews many times, including twice in the British Open, offers this advice that will serve the ladies well this weekend, and will also help you when you tee it up on the Scottish links during your St. Andrews timeshare holiday, “You will get a lot of bad bounces and breaks at St. Andrews. Expect that; it happens to everyone who plays there. St. Andrews” Old Course is incredible and brilliantly designed, but extremely different from US courses. With patience and determination you will get your best result.” Cole reminds us of this often-quoted St. Andrews axiom, “Swing easy when it’s breezy,” he says, “don’t try to hit the ball hard into the wind, because this creates more backspin.”

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