Timeshare Deal is a Dog

Timeshare Deal is a Dog

When an idea works, it’s bound to be copied. And the concept of timeshares, which we all know from vacation ownership, has shown up in many other industries. There are timeshares for jets, timeshares for luxury cars, timeshares for sports stadiums, and now – timeshares for dogs.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not talking about actually timeshare resorts for dogs; I mean timesharing OF A dog.

Flex Petz is a California-based company that now allows you to be a pet owner for only the percentage of time that fits your schedule. Membership in Flex Petz includes dog food, toys, a dog bed, veterinarian care, pickup and delivery of your pet, an identity chip for Fido, boarding at a cage-free kennel, and of course, your part time pet.

ABC News affiliate KGI-TV/DT in San Francisco, Oakland, and San Jose reported that Flex Pet owner Marlena Cerantes said, “We’re connected with our dogs through local rescue groups and shelters.” She describes many of their dogs as, “retired show dogs and retired studs.”

Members of Flex Petz cite the need to travel and other job-related responsibilities as reasons they can’t always be there for their pets and would rather be timesharing their dog with others than leaving Fido home alone. Critics of the service say that bouncing a dog around among multiple owners may not be good for the animals’ emotional state.

Flex Petz reportedly screens their members and requires them to participate in dog care training. Currently there are Flex Petz locations in San Diego and Los Angeles, with plans to open in San Francisco, New York, London, and other cities around the globe.

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