More About the Interesting Language of Timeshares

Is it time for you to timeshare?

If you start talking to people about “Week 53” you can expect to be met with strange stares as if you just crossed over from an episode of Rod Serling’s classic The Twilight Zone. That is, unless the people to whom you are talking happen to be timeshare owners.

While most of us accept that there are 52 weeks in a year, there are actually only 51 or 52 complete weeks in most years along with either one or two partial weeks. Once every 28 years, there are even 54 weeks. The last time there was a 54-week year was in the year 2000, which is ironic when you consider how many other time-related issues there were that year.

Week 53 on the Timeshare Calendar often belongs to the Association or Resort

Many people simplify the matter of the 53-week year by saying it occurs once every seven years, but this is an over simplification. Actually, because of leap year, the 53 week year rolls around at five, six, or seven year intervals. When it happens in timesharing, it has nothing to do with crossing over into another dimension, where your next stop is The Twilight Zone.

Week 53 usually belongs to the timeshare association or the timeshare resort. It is typically not sold or rented, although it may be. Sometimes week 53 is used as a time to perform routine repairs and maintenance at the resort.

To learn more about week 53, spacebanking, and the lingo of timeshares, you may want to visit the “Glossary of Terms” on the Sell My Timeshare NOW website.

And just for the fun of it, enjoy this You Tube video of the old TV intro to The Twilight Zone.