Changes at the Timeshare Owners Blog

Did you notice anything different about the Timeshare Owners Blog last week?

Our goal with the blog has always been to bring you news, advice, insights, and opinions about the timeshare business and timeshare resale industry. We want the Timeshare Owners Blog to be a place you come, not only when you want to buy timeshare or sell timeshare, but when you want to learn more about the opportunities of timeshare rental, timeshare resorts, and the range of opportunities and options associated with vacation ownership.

If you are a regular reader of the Timeshare Owners Blog, you know that we don’t just write about timeshares only, but we also provide you meaningful news about travel, vacationing, and the hotel and leisure industries, as well. And none of this will be changing at the Timeshare Owners Blog!

What has changed is that we have started bringing you the timeshare vacation news—not just four times per week—but now on a five and often six-times per week schedule.

You can expect to learn more about all that’s good (and not so good) about timeshare sales, timeshare exchange, timeshare promotion, and generally what’s hot and what’s not in this business. Along with the industry news, we will go on sharing travel tips, and talking about real estate, sports, social trends, weather, and current events that we know are also on your mind and part of your life.

When I started writing the Timeshare Owners Blog, now more than two years ago, our company, Sell My Timeshare NOW was still very new. And while I founded this company because I a saw a genuine need to help improve and expand the way people buy, rent and sell timeshare, I don’t know that I ever realized how responsive and enthusiastic people would be to both our business and our blog.

Thank you to the thousands of readers who visit our blog each week. Your readership tells us that you like what we are doing. So in response, we are now providing you more timeshare news and timeshare views, more often. And more reasons to read the Timeshare Owners Blog!