Timeshare Vacations Eliminate Your Top Complaints about Hotels

Last month The Sunday Times Travel Magazine released a survey that said the number one complaint among vacationers is noisy neighbors.

At first I was surprised by this, but then I thought about how important rest and relaxation are to all of us and how often we are deprived of it. According to an article by Kathleen Fackelmann in USA Today, which quotes a study conducted by University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine researcher, Mathias Basner, “Sleep deprivation has been linked to serious health problems, including obesity.”

The article went on to explain, “People who are chronically sleep-deprived also can experience attention lapses, memory loss and other difficulties that can impair performance on the job, according to James Walsh, executive director of the sleep medicine and research center at St. Luke’s Hospital in St. Louis“.

So it really makes sense that when we finally break out of our work-work-work routines to enjoy a luxurious hotel or timeshare resort, we really count on getting a good night’s sleep.

Hotel Executive Magazine looked at the full report from The Sunday Times Travel Magazine and found that, by percentage, the following issues account for 50 percent of the things we don’t like about hotel rooms.

  • Noisy neighbors and thin walls: 28 percent
  • Noise from the street: 6 percent
  • Size of room: 16 percent

Not every timeshare resort is a perfect solution for these problems, but considering that timeshare rooms are typically so much more spacious than hotel rooms, the odds of improving the rest and relaxation factor of your vacation increase tremendously when you stay in a timeshare. Timeshare resorts typically include a kitchen and dining area.

Most timeshares are much more like a condo suite or apartment than like an average hotel room. Obviously, the more room between you and your next-door neighbors, the more peace and quiet you can expect. And with more space for you and your family to spread out, you avoid the hotel scenario of a family of four cramped into a room with 2 beds and a single bathroom.

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While there are thousands of peaceful timeshare resorts from which to select, here are a few that timeshare owners have identified as being particularly restful retreats:

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