Timeshare Deal is a Scam

Matthew Fitzpatrick of Las Vegas has been arrested and charged by the state of Nevada with five counts of felony theft and fourteen counts of deceptive trade, related to timeshare resales.

Attorney General Catherine Cortez and the Nevada Bureau of Consumer Protection allege that Fitzpatrick, through his company, Resort Property Specialists, defrauded people by listing their timeshares for sale and then requesting from them thousands of dollars to set up bogus escrow accounts. The accounts were supposedly intended to facilitate transactions with buyers, when in fact, no such timeshare buyers existed.

You can learn more about the charges against Fitzpatrick on the website for the Nevada Attorney General www.ag.state.nv.us.

People who were falsely told that Resort Proeperty Specialist had sold their properties are asked to contact (702) 486-3194, the Nevada Attorney General’s Bureau of Consumer Protection in Las Vegas.

The Street Talk Blog warned timeshare owners about questionable practices by Resort Property Specialists two years ago.—Good call!

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