Timeshare Vacations are Becoming Multi-Generational Events

Last week, the Orlando/Orange County Convention and Visitors Bureau released the results of a new nationwide research study conducted by Opinion Research’s Caravan. The study looked at the travel patterns and preferences of grandparents, or the segment of society many people call the Baby Boomers.

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According to the study, 49 percent of grandparents have traveled with their grandchildren, as well as with one or both of the children’s parents. In 2000, when a similar study was conducted, only 37 percent reported taking this type of multi-generational vacation. On top of the 49 percent of three-generation vacationers, another 31 percent said they vacationed with their grandchildren, but without the children’s parents.

Why the increase over the past 7 years?

Part of it has to do with the fact that Boomers now represent the fastest growing demographic in America’s culture.Vacation at New York timeshare resales Today’s fifty-something generation is healthier, wealthier, and better educated than so-called senior citizens of any previous era. Still vital, active, and with many of them still climbing the corporate ladder, most Boomers have yet to reach their peak earnings capacity. In short, grandparents today may be rockin’, but are not likely to be in a rocking chair!

And where are grandparents traveling with their grandchildren in tow? The top three destinations for multigenerational vacations are: Orlando, Washington DC, and New York City.

With great timeshare and timeshare resale opportunities in all three cities, you can be sure that many of these vacations are planned for timeshare resorts, where everyone in the family can enjoy spacious accommodations, full kitchens, eat-in dining, and lots of on-property activities and entertainment.

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Here are only a few of the excellent timeshare resorts in these three favorite grandparent-grandchild vacation cities:

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