Timeshares Can Put the Waggle Back in Your Life

Keep the waggle in your routine. It is great advice for golf, but have you ever thought about how it applies to everyday life?

Timeshare Vacation in a Doral Timeshare Resale

Many golfers have a problem they develop, usually because of tension, which causes them to freeze up over the ball before they hit their golf shots. To keep them loose and allow them to execute a fluid swing with good rhythm, they often use the ‘waggle’. A waggle in golf is simply a little shake or wiggle incorporated into the pre shot routine that prevents golfers from being too tense in their movements.

As stressful as life is today, most of us need a little waggle in our routines. And nothing makes it easier to shake loose and relax than using a timeshare resale to enjoy some downtime at vacation lodging you have already prepaid to enjoy.

Marriott Villas at Doral Timeshare Resale

Gone are the days when timeshare intervals are locked in to one or two week increments. Now most timeshares can be enjoyed in two, three, or four night blocks, and some you can even use one day at a time.

Your hectic schedule may not allow time for you to take 7 days away from your responsibilities, but even the busiest people can usually manage to squeeze in short stays at their favorite timeshare resort.

So to help you get your mini vacation started and create a little waggle in your routine, here’s a video from Sell My Timeshare NOW’s favorite PGA Tour player, Bobby Cole. On the course at Doral Golf Resort and Spa, (an excellent timeshare vacation destination) Bobby tells you why and how to put some waggle in your pre shot routine.