More Answers About Timeshares and Timeshare Resales

Continuing with answers to frequently asked questions, I want to respond to an issue about timeshare resales that readers of the Timeshare Owners Blog have heard me address before, but it bears repeating.

Q. When I sell timeshare, is it ever safe to pay an upfront fee?

A. YES. Just be sure you know what you are getting for your money.

Life changes and people sell timeshare for any number of reasons. Sometimes they find they are no longer using the timeshare. Sometimes the fees and annual expenses have become a burden. Maybe there is a death in the family, a divorce, a cross-country move, or oftentimes people sell timeshare because they want to buy something new or different in vacation ownership.

When timeshare owners are ready to sell timeshare they can try to market and sell it on their own; they can let a broker or timeshare reseller try to sell it for them at a fee; or they can turn to a timeshare advertising and marketing company like Sell My Timeshare NOW.

Working with Sell My Timeshare NOW is an excellent example of a situation in which it makes sense to pay an upfront fee to sell timeshare. In 2006, our company brought over $233,864,650 in offers to buy timeshare or rent timeshare to the timeshare owners who advertise with us.

How much of that money went to Sell My Timeshare NOW? Good question and the answer surprises a lot of people.

In 2006, Sell My Timeshare brought over $233,864,650 in offers to buy or rent timeshare directly to the timeshare owner, which means that NONE of the money—that’s ZERO dollars—stayed in the hands of Sell My Timeshare NOW. We charge timeshare sellers an advertising fee and nothing more. No commissions and no fees after the sale.

We are a timeshare resale and timeshare rental advertising and marketing company. Our expertise is putting the timeshare you want to sell or rent in front of the largest global marketplace. Our job is to advertise your property to give you maximum exposure.

Along the way, if you need help with certain aspects of selling timeshare or renting timeshare, we will help you connect with people who can offer you further assistance, but many timeshare transactions are so simple timeshare buyers and timeshare sellers can easily handle them on their own. With Sell My Timeshare NOW, you pay only for the advertising and marketing services you provide and when you sell your timeshare, that money is your money.

No one solution is right for all timeshare buyers or timeshare sellers. When you are ready to sell timeshare, consider all your options before you make a decision on what is best for your situation.

In the next Timeshare Owners Blog, I am going to talk about the different ways people own timeshare and what vacation clubs are all about.