ARDA Offers Guidance to Timeshare Resellers

ARDA Offers Guidance to Timeshare Resellers

download (3)In a press release yesterday, the American Resort Development Association unveiled a new infographic designed to offer guidance to vacation owners who need to sell a timeshare on the resale market.

Likening the timeshare resale market to the “Wild, Wild West”, the infographic features a simple, three step guide that outlines the various outlets available to sellers including the two main sales models: Broker or For Sale by Owner (FSBO). ARDA’s acknowledgement of the need for resale solutions (and the relatively unbiased representation of these options in the infographic) is a great step toward educating consumers about the resale market.

The infographic and corresponding press release were created in response to the recent steps taken against fraudulent resale companies in both state governments and the federal government.

President and CEO of ARDA, Howard Nusbaum commented, “We have worked closely with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) and many states to educate consumers about how to avoid scams in the secondary market.” Nusbaum added, “We encourage anyone trying to sell their timeshare to take the time to understand their options and to use the resources available to them.”

ARDA’s infographic focused on educating consumers about the different options available to them on the resale market, while its press release presented a more scathing representation of the secondary market as “overcrowded, confusing, and unregulated”.

While we applaud ARDA for its efforts to educate consumers about fraudulent companies, its characterization of the secondary market was markedly one-sided, focusing only on the “bad players” in the industry without acknowledging the “good players”, the growing number of legitimate timeshare resale companies in the space. It is important for owners to understand that viable resale solutions are available through experienced companies.

It is also important to note that the market is not “overcrowded” so much as it is growing due to increasing transparency and access to timeshare resale inventory fueled by the growth of the Internet and today’s tech and research savvy consumer.

To view ARDA’s press release, click here.

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Timeshare Closing Services Commends Fla. Lawmakers on Timeshare Law

Timeshare Closing Services Commends Fla. Lawmakers on Timeshare Law

Yesterday, May 3, 2013, Florida lawmakers passed House Bill 7025. Timeshare Closing Services Inc. released the following announcement of congratulations and thanks to the lawmakers involved as well as to the American Resort Development Association, ARDA ,for its passage and for their support in ensuring the law’s fairness to both timeshare owners and  the timeshare resale industry.

The full media announcement appears below:

Timeshare Closing Services Commends Fla. Lawmakers on Timeshare Law
Timeshare Closing Services Commends Fla. Lawmakers on Timeshare Law

Timeshare Closing Services Commends Fla. Lawmakers on Timeshare Law

Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. of Orlando Florida, along with Sell My Timeshare NOW, commends Florida State Senator Kelli Stargel (R-Lakeland) and Representatives Debbie Mayfield (R-Vero Beach) and Dane Eagle (R-Cape Coral) on final passage of Florida House Bill 7025 relating to timeshares. Timeshare Closing Services also extends its appreciation to the American Resort Development Association, which was instrumental in the passage of the new legislation to fairly represent and protect both the timeshare resale industry and timeshare owners.

Scott Roberts, CEO of Timeshare Closing Services, Inc., says, “The bill sponsors balanced the needs of timeshare developers with the needs of consumers. A timeshare resale market that respects owners’ property rights is critical to the health of the timeshare industry. Timeshare Closing Services is committed to ensuring that lawmakers hear the voices of timeshare owners.

“We also express our deep appreciation to ARDA for its willingness to work with us and its recognition of our valid concerns. The result of ARDA’s attention to bringing about a workable compromise is now codified in the legislation that passed here in Florida today,” adds Roberts.

Executives from ARDA, Timeshare Closing Services and Sell My Timeshare NOW met earlier this year when the timeshare company voiced its concern that the legislation, as initially proposed, would negatively impact the timeshare secondary market and would increase the cost for timeshare owners to resell their units or points on the secondary market.

The new legislation is scheduled to take effect on July 1, 2013.

About Timeshare Closing Services, Inc.

For more than ten years, Timeshare Closing Services, Inc. has specialized in facilitating timeshare transfers of even the most challenging properties. Timeshare Closing Services, Inc., is a full service title insurance company and is licensed, bonded, underwritten and insured.

Sell My Timeshare NOW and Supporting Send Me On Vacation and Fight Against Breast Cancer

Sell My Timeshare NOW and Supporting Send Me On Vacation and Fight Against Breast Cancer

Send Me On Vacation, Vacation with a Purpose
Send Me On Vacation, Vacation with a Purpose

It seems that every family has had a family member whose life has been impacted by cancer. Can we wipe out this disease in our lifetime? I can’t imagine a more important goal. At Sell My Timeshare NOW and, we are pleased to be able to be a part of the fight, even in a small way, and excited to be affiliated with Send Me On Vacation.

Send Me On Vacation is a 501(c)(3) founded in 2010 by Cathy Backus,VP of Business Development for ICE Gallery, and long time member of the timeshare industry. The goal of Send Me On Vacation is to provide vacation experiences for women who have undergone treatment for breast cancer. Recognizing that a getaway to a peaceful destination and luxurious surroundings can offer just the respite that a woman needs following her treatment, companies in the resort and vacation ownership industry have been stepping up, providing vacation time at beautiful timeshare properties to cancer treatment patients and their family or loved ones. Since its inception in 2010, Send Me On Vacation has been responsible for 18 breast cancer treatment patients having the opportunity to enjoy much needed vacation time.

Bette Publicker is a cancer survivor, now cancer-free, who enjoyed a timeshare vacation through Send Me On Vacation. Since May 2010,  Bette has undergone a double mastectomy, six surgeries total, as well as chemotherapy, lymphodemia, hair loss, weight gain, and pain. Bette explains, “Throughout my journey I have made many new friends from breast cancer support groups and I continue to support others who have been affected by this disease. My compassion has grown, and I am constantly trying to give back to others. Yes, breast cancer can be curable but it always leaves us changed! Without help from Send Me On Vacation, such a luxury vacation was out of reach.  I was delighted to be selected to receive such a splendid gift!”

You can read our full media release here: Sell My Timeshare NOW and Supporting Fight Against Breast Cancer. And learn about Send Me On Vacation’s upcoming Second Annual Vacation with a Purpose Event, that will be held at the Riviera Maya in Cancun, Mexico, from October 27 to November 3 here: See “Events” 

There is still time for you to get involved!

Serving an Unmet Need in Timeshare Resales

Serving an Unmet Need in Timeshare Resales

Sell My Timeshare NOW interviewed for
Sell My Timeshare NOW founder interviewed for

On Monday, ran an interview called, “From pitchman to online pioneer,” written by Morey Stettner. The interview was with the founder of and, Jason Tremblay.

The article looks at Jason’s first job (you’ll be surprised to learn what he was doing) and why Jason summarizes his work experience as a 14-year-old, saying, “I learned to have no fear.”

One of Stettner’s questions for Jason dealt specifically with how Jason’s career path led him to timeshares. Unlike many in the timeshare industry, Jason did not work at a resort, come up through the ranks of timeshare sales, or even have a hospitality industry background. Instead, Jason’s commitment to the business of timeshare resales and timeshare rentals was inspired by a time honored precept of sound business: he saw an unmet, underserved need, and knew that by assembling the right team to help him, his business could begin serving that need in ways that were transparent, simple for the  timeshare buyer, seller, or renter, and would feel comfortable to consumers.

When Morey Stettner asked, “How did you come up with the idea for launching a timeshare website?”  Jason explained, “It began with our research. We found millions of Google queries such as “timeshare for sale” or “timeshare info.” But there was no central marketplace. When we started nine years ago, naysayers said, “People won’t spend $5,000 or $10,000 or $15,000 to buy timeshares over the Net.” But the old-fashioned way is not a pleasant experience for a developer or buyer. You have to take tours, and there’s pressure. With us, you can do it at your leisure. We’re now the world’s largest marketplace on the Net for timeshare rentals and resales.”

You can read the full article here: