Interval International and Club Explore Timeshare Owners at Kings Creek Plantation

Interval International and Club Explore Timeshare Owners at Kings Creek Plantation

Interval International timeshare exchange recently announced expanded and extended services for King’s Creek Plantation LLC. (Additional info here: Kings Creek Plantation Timeshare Owners Gain Customize Services with Interval International).

Kevin Jones, cofounder and president of King’s Creek Plantation LLC, says, “Maintaining our strong partnership with Interval supports our customer-first culture, while opening the door for new products with more options. We are excited about our continued relationship and the many opportunities it will bring in the near future.”

Along with news of the extended relations with King’s Creek Plantation, the announcement included important updates about the new King’s Creek points-based vacation club, known as Club Explore.

Interval International is providing reservation services and special opportunities for Club Explore members. Timeshare owner / members who enroll in Club Explore expand their vacation options by being able to convert their timeshare points into club currency. They can then utilize the currency for vacationing at King’s Creek properties or for timeshare exchange within the vast Interval International global network of resorts.

In addition to timeshare exchange, Club Explore Points mean:
·         Members can choose to upgrade timeshare locations, unit size or season
·         As part of Interval Gold®, members can use ShortStay ExchangeSM to take long weekends or mini-vacations
·         Members can opt to exchange for (or purchase) great deals on cruise, golf and spa vacations
·         Access to personal concierge service available 24/7 via phone and e-mail
·         And that members receive complimentary Hertz #1 Gold® membership, as well as special offers on hotels, retail shopping, and restaurants

The spacious timeshare units, cottages, condos, (King’s Creek Plantation cottages and townhomes) and estate homes (King’s Creek Plantation Estates) at King’s Creek Plantation, with their convenient location near the attractions of Williamsburg are great reasons to be a King’s Creek Plantation timeshare owner. Now Interval International has added even more!

Transferring your Timeshare

Transferring your Timeshare

Many of the timeshare transfers at Sell My Timeshare NOW are handled through our partner relationship with Chicago Title Timeshare. With years of experience, Chicago Title handles over 10,000 timeshare transfers each month, making the process convenient for both the timeshare buyer and the timeshare seller.

If you are selling your timeshare by owner, (or buying one through the by owner timeshare sales process) here is more information about how the timeshare transfer process works and what you can expect.

Step-by- Step Timeshare Transfer

  1. Timeshare owner (the seller) places his or her ad to sell timeshare on
  2. When the seller selects a buyer and has negotiated a deal with that buyer, the seller and the buyer exchange necessary contact information to start the closing process.
  3. The seller initiates the processes with Chicago Title Timeshare by completing simple online forms.
  4. Chicago Title Timeshare, using a username and password, emails the timeshare buyer, requesting the buyer complete online forms and verify information.
  5. Both the buyer and the seller receive an email with the escrow number for the closing account.
  6. Both the buyer and the seller receive by email, the transfer and closing documents from Chicago Title Timeshare.
  7. The timeshare buyer and the seller review and sign documents and return them following directions provided by Chicago Title Timeshare.
  8. The timeshare buyer then receives an estimated closing statement from Chicago Title Timeshare, including a request for the funds necessary for closing.
  9. When Chicago Title Timeshare receives funds, they then close the timeshare sales transaction, and notify all parties of the closing. This includes notice to the buyer, seller, resort management company or the HOA.
  10. Copies of final documents are sent to the new timeshare owner and the timeshare seller.
Timeshare Owners Explain the Challenge is Ways that are Easy to Grasp and Hard to Ignore

Timeshare Owners Explain the Challenge is Ways that are Easy to Grasp and Hard to Ignore

In the May/June edition of TimeSharing Today Magazine, one reader’s heartfelt letter to the editor expresses the number one challenge of the timeshare industry better than any words I could write. Here is an excerpt from that letter. To read it in its entirety, pick up a copy of TimeSharing Today or visit their website at:

“The first problem…

My partner and I have reached an age when traveling is difficult. Our children have no interest in receiving our time share weeks along with the ever increasing maintenance fees. …

I contacted a couple of our timeshare resorts offering to deed our weeks back to them at no cost but they were not interested …Why don’t they devise a plan to help people in our situation instead of whining about the revenue they are losing?”

The Timeshare Industry Taking Responsibility

In an economy that is upside down in more ways than one, people are walking away from home mortgages where the debt has become greater than the market value of the home, or the monthly payments are too much to shoulder. They are doing it with their homes and they are doing it with their timeshares when they reach the point where they feel there is no other option.

While there is possibly a buyer for every timeshare out there and resources like do everything possible to connect timeshare sellers and timeshare buyers, it’s simple logic that the fewer buyers there are for a particular timeshare week and destination, the more challenging it becomes for sellers to find a buyer.

The vacation ownership industry does not need timeshare relief, timeshare bailout, or a timeshare rescue. But the call is there for a responsible plan that the timeshare industry creates and makes available for those individuals who no longer want to be timeshare owners.

The Real Reason Timeshare Owners Sell Timeshare

The Real Reason Timeshare Owners Sell Timeshare

Wander around the internet and it’s easy to find comments by first one ‘authority’ and then another bemoaning how many timeshare owners want to resell their timeshare. In a refreshing counterbalance to these many anti-timeshare articles (often written by people who have never vacationed in a timeshare), it is especially interesting to read an article that appears in the September/October edition of Timesharing Today magazine. Titled “Why we’re selling,” this article provides an unbiased look at the answers received when interviewing more than a dozen owners who are currently seeking to sell timeshare.

Why Timeshare Owners Sell Timeshares

Here’s what we discovered as we analyzed the results cited in Timesharing Today:

  • More than twenty-five percent of the prospective sellers interviewed in the article cited “aging” as their primary reason for selling. At least two of the couples interviewed noted that they were beyond the age of 80 and simply didn’t travel and vacation as much as they once did.
  • One timeshare owner mentioned that a certain timeshare destination has grown “too touristy” over the years and that, he had no interest in timeshare exchange. He to vacation at the timeshare destination he owned and his vacation destination was no longer enjoyable for him.
  • Multiple owners noted that increasing timeshare dues or maintenance fees and the increase in travel costs, especially when combined with a reduced income or dwindling pension, made continuing to own timeshare a financial strain.
  • Lifestyle changes such as illness, relocation, or children leaving the nest also came up in the quotes from the owners wishing to sell.

The Positive Side of Buying Timeshare

While a few of the timeshare owners interviewed either were unhappy with the management at a particular resort or had difficulties in timeshare exchange at the resort, almost every owner also had many good things to say about vacation ownership—even though they planned to sell. Many of the people selling were owners of more than one timeshare and sometimes were only paring down their inventory not giving up timesharing altogether. Several timeshare owners mentioned flexibility issues and cited that they would rent timeshare in the future but they no longer wanted the on-going commitment of ownership.

Quotes from “Why we’re selling”:

“Timeshares are so much more comfortable than hotel rooms. We ‘evened out’ by buying a resale closer to home for a very low cost.”

“Timeshares have been among the best decisions we have made in our married life. We purchased them to use, and use them we have, although there have been some trades for various reasons.”

“We enjoyed them a lot when we could travel, we had 6 and gave 3 away to nieces and nephews.”

“We love timesharing and have done it since 1984.”

Life changes. Divorce, illness, job transfers or just the growing up of our families changes our interest and vacation needs. Timesharing Today did an excellent job with its article and when in reading it, you clearly understand that just because someone is selling a timeshare, doesn’t mean he or she had a bad experience with it.

Thank you again Timesharing Today for this candid insight into timeshare ownership.