Do You Listen to the Experts about Your Timeshare Vacation?

Do You Listen to the Experts about Your Timeshare Vacation?

When it comes to vacation planning, do we really want to know what the experts say? If you are like most people, apparently the advice of travel ‘experts’ does not rank very high on your list.

Most of us, it seems, put more stock in the opinions of complete strangers when it comes to travel and vacationing. And when viewed in comparison to the combined opinions of our friends, family, and travelers we’ve never met, travel experts fall far to the bottom of the list as influencers.

According to The Social Travel Report prepared by the independent media agency, Total Media, most consumers (based on a sample of 1,375 people) select hotels, timeshare, or other vacation lodging based on the feedback and recommendations of other consumers. The study reveals that nearly 70 percent of consumers use the internet to book vacations and that roughly 25 percent are influenced by the comments voiced online by other travelers and vacationers. In other words, consumers aren’t reading travel magazines, brochures, or consulting travel agents nearly as much as they are reading the online comments and testimonials of other consumers.

Testimonials at Sell My Timeshare NOW

Sell My Timeshare NOW has always appreciated the positive feedback the company receives from consumers who buy timeshare, sell timeshare, or rent timeshare online at

Follow this link to read some of the many glowing comments Sell My Timeshare NOW has earned from its timeshare buyers, renters and sellers … but here’s a word of warning, take along a cup of coffee, because this is a very, very long list!

Here’s a sampling of what you’ll find:

“Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful service we received during the process of renting our Aruba timeshare this year. We received a promp phone call with assistance to writing an ad and it was advertised on your web site the next day. We were contacted 2 months later with an offer and received the check by the following week. What great service!!” J. and A.

“I would not hesitate to recommend your company to friends looking to sell or purchase timeshares.” Arthur Budge Jr (Ad 6954)

“I have used the past two years for renting our condos in Cabo San Lucas at the Pueblo Bonito Rose and Sunset Beach. We have 4 weeks that we rent every year and always have a huge amount of inquires and rent them for our asking price. The investment to post these units on is well worth the money. The staff is very professional and any website updates are handled immediately and accurately. We have used other websites and received no responses and were unable to rent our units. I highly recommend using for renting your units!” Brenda T. (Ad 204083)

Everyone Has a Story: Meet the Customer Care Manager of Sell My Timeshare NOW

Everyone Has a Story: Meet the Customer Care Manager of Sell My Timeshare NOW

Customer Care Manager for Sell My Timeshare NOW

Sometimes at Sell My Timeshare NOW and The Timeshare Authority, we talk too much about what we do, and what we can do for you, and we forget to tell you who we are. Over the next few months, I am going to change that, telling you about some of the very special people who work extremely hard, every day, to make it easier for you to buy, rent, or sell timeshare.

And the beautiful smiling face, and warm personality of Angela Cantanzaro, Customer Care Manager for Sell My Timeshare NOW, seems like a great place to start. Here is Angela’s story, in her own words:

My name is Angela Catanzaro and I am, proudly, the Customer Care manager at Sell My Timeshare NOW, LLC. I graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2006 with a bachelor’s degree in Communications. This degree is popular for its broad spectrum and diverse industry opportunities. During my studies, I became increasingly interested in the field of interpersonal communications. It seems finally my bubbly personality had helped me discover an unexpected path to venture. My mother was proud (but probably more shocked) that my natural ability to brighten up a room was now benefiting me academically and professionally.

While studying interpersonal communication more closely, I discovered my genuine love for herbal medicine and integrated healing modalities. I became a firm believer in the natural ability to uplift a person’s health and spirit. I had unfolded a sheer dexterity to help people, whether it was medically or emotionally. Listening openly and objectively is a treasure I cherish from college and during my herbal studies; a skill I attempt to share every day. I consider myself fortunate to have the opportunity to incorporate these teachings into my everyday routine and now, career.

My mission for helping people has led me to my current position here at Sell My Timeshare NOW, LLC. I was welcomed to this company spring of 2008 and consider my time thus far, quite an adventure. After a short time as a Customer Care specialist, I was promoted to Supervisor. Not too long after that, I was again promoted to Manager of the entire Customer Care department. I believe my enthusiasm for the company, commitment to servicing our clients, and my camaraderie with peers, lent a hand in my professional recognition. Now known as the “Mange” around the office (a rather creative mixture of my name and title), there has been no shift in my willingness to assist our team and customers. I currently manage a small, growing, team of Customer Care specialists and am astonished at the concern found in each one of them for our clients. As the Mange (yes—I call myself it too), I stress the importance of positivity in each challenge and am the top advocate for embracing difficult situations with humor (when appropriate, of course).

Let’s face it, customer service has a relatively negative stigma, with an incredibly difficult task to satisfy all customers. But this is the nature of the department’s territory, and does not differ in any company, nor has it discouraged my spirits. Our Customer Care department and company have grown from the root of integrity. We attempt to assist every client’s concerns to the best of our capabilities. We understand the timeshare industry and the frustrations an owner may face. Most importantly, we understand the customer and the true need to sell or rent their timeshare. There are no scripts or canned responses here. Each of our Customer Care specialists listens with true compassion and understanding. There are several timeshare resale companies out there, but we break the mold. We are hard working individuals and I can contest to this personally, we take pride in offering a very human experience each time we interact with a client. We are highly-expected to assist those advertising their property through our global platform by providing maximum exposure to buyers and renters around the world (Google us). We will go to great lengths to help all customers with their ads within the boundaries of our policies.

As the manager of our department, I am extremely passionate about providing the best Customer Service and am always open to new ideas and testimonies. After almost two years at Sell My Timeshare NOW, I have just begun improving my team’s skills and helping my co-workers to push our company to new heights. I have confidence in this company and consider it my most important job to bestow this certainty onto all our clients. Feel free to contact me and my team directly to speak with us about your interest in buying or renting a timeshare, or to spice up your advertisement content, or to just discuss the cold winter weather, as New Englanders love to do.

A Flock of Reasons for a Drive-to Timeshare Vacation

A Flock of Reasons for a Drive-to Timeshare Vacation

Here’s an interesting thought regarding vacation planning: Last week the Commercial Aviation Safety Team, a government-industry aviation safety group, elevated “birds” to its list of priority aviation safety issues.

Timeshare resales are not a "for the birds" idea.

Everyone knows about US Airways Flight 1549 that made a miraculous and safe emergency landing in the Hudson River last January; an incident precipitated by a flock of Canadian geese. According to an article that appeared in USA Today, “… last month, a bird blasted a hole through the windshield of a cargo plane over Arizona and another gouged an 18-inch tear in the side of a Delta Air Lines jet near Phoenix. Birds also have been involved in several helicopter accidents this year, including a crash in Louisiana that killed eight people headed to an oil platform.”

Even if concerns over airline safety are not enough to keep you grounded (air travel remains the safest form of transportation available), there are other reasons to buy timeshare at a drive-to destination.

Reasons to Buy Timeshare near Your Home

  • A drive-to timeshare vacation translates to money saved on travel, meaning that even when your vacation budget is tight, because timeshare affords you prepaid vacation accommodations; you can probably always manage to take a vacation.
  • When you buy timeshare located near where you live, you can work in ‘mini vacations’ thanks in part to the fact that today’s timeshare intervals can typically be enjoyed in periods of less than a week—some even allowing you to enjoy your timeshare one night at a time.
  • Depending upon where you live, odds are that if your timeshare is near your home, it is within driving distance of other large populations meaning that when you want to sell timeshare or rent timeshare you have a targeted market of others who may be interested in drive-to vacations.
  • If your timeshare is sufficiently close to your home, you can also use it for overflow housing for guests, visiting relatives, or business associates who are in town.

While the FAA will likely be able to spur the development of solutions to problems our fine feathered friends create for jet engines, one idea that is definitely not for the birds is how much sense a drive-to timeshare can make.

Top Two Critical Factors to Sell Your Timeshare

Top Two Critical Factors to Sell Your Timeshare

When you are ready to sell your timeshare, you don’t want to become involved in a process that slows you down or leaves you in limbo. Whether you are trying to eliminate the cost of annual timeshare fees, have found that you no longer use and enjoy your timeshare, or you are ready to buy a new and different timeshare, you want to be able to sell timeshare in an efficient, safe, and uncomplicated way.

Many factors enter into timeshare sales and timeshare resales. The desirability of the timeshare interval you own, the appeal and amenities of the resort, and even the size of the timeshare unit all factor into how easy it will be to sell your timeshare. Above all other aspects, however, here are the two most important, top critical factors in selling your timeshare: price and visibility.

You must price your timeshare to sell. You must price it competitively so that people have a reason to buy your timeshare instead of buying a better priced timeshare at the same resort or a resort with similar amenities. No, it is not necessary to give your timeshare away. But if your timeshare resale is priced higher than others on the resale market, you could be left holding on to for a long time, and that is just common sense.

The second critical factor in selling timeshare is that you must advertise it in a global marketplace of interested timeshare buyers. Not a neighborhood market; not a bulletin board at the grocery store; not a webpage you put up yourself or even your average timeshare resale website—why? Because traffic is the key. Lots and lots of people who are interested in buying timeshare, renting timeshare, or becoming timeshare owners. Worldwide traffic, from consumers in all parts of the globe.

Now you’re talking. Pay attention to these two critical factors and the opportunity to sell your timeshare improves considerably.

Follow this link if you are interested in receiving a free Timeshare Valuation Report.