Top Two Critical Factors to Sell Your Timeshare

When you are ready to sell your timeshare, you don’t want to become involved in a process that slows you down or leaves you in limbo. Whether you are trying to eliminate the cost of annual timeshare fees, have found that you no longer use and enjoy your timeshare, or you are ready to buy a new and different timeshare, you want to be able to sell timeshare in an efficient, safe, and uncomplicated way.

Many factors enter into timeshare sales and timeshare resales. The desirability of the timeshare interval you own, the appeal and amenities of the resort, and even the size of the timeshare unit all factor into how easy it will be to sell your timeshare. Above all other aspects, however, here are the two most important, top critical factors in selling your timeshare: price and visibility.

You must price your timeshare to sell. You must price it competitively so that people have a reason to buy your timeshare instead of buying a better priced timeshare at the same resort or a resort with similar amenities. No, it is not necessary to give your timeshare away. But if your timeshare resale is priced higher than others on the resale market, you could be left holding on to for a long time, and that is just common sense.

The second critical factor in selling timeshare is that you must advertise it in a global marketplace of interested timeshare buyers. Not a neighborhood market; not a bulletin board at the grocery store; not a webpage you put up yourself or even your average timeshare resale website—why? Because traffic is the key. Lots and lots of people who are interested in buying timeshare, renting timeshare, or becoming timeshare owners. Worldwide traffic, from consumers in all parts of the globe.

Now you’re talking. Pay attention to these two critical factors and the opportunity to sell your timeshare improves considerably.

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