Timeshare Owners Explain the Challenge is Ways that are Easy to Grasp and Hard to Ignore

In the May/June edition of TimeSharing Today Magazine, one reader’s heartfelt letter to the editor expresses the number one challenge of the timeshare industry better than any words I could write. Here is an excerpt from that letter. To read it in its entirety, pick up a copy of TimeSharing Today or visit their website at: www.tstoday.com

“The first problem…

My partner and I have reached an age when traveling is difficult. Our children have no interest in receiving our time share weeks along with the ever increasing maintenance fees. …

I contacted a couple of our timeshare resorts offering to deed our weeks back to them at no cost but they were not interested …Why don’t they devise a plan to help people in our situation instead of whining about the revenue they are losing?”

The Timeshare Industry Taking Responsibility

In an economy that is upside down in more ways than one, people are walking away from home mortgages where the debt has become greater than the market value of the home, or the monthly payments are too much to shoulder. They are doing it with their homes and they are doing it with their timeshares when they reach the point where they feel there is no other option.

While there is possibly a buyer for every timeshare out there and resources like SellMyTimeshareNOW.com do everything possible to connect timeshare sellers and timeshare buyers, it’s simple logic that the fewer buyers there are for a particular timeshare week and destination, the more challenging it becomes for sellers to find a buyer.

The vacation ownership industry does not need timeshare relief, timeshare bailout, or a timeshare rescue. But the call is there for a responsible plan that the timeshare industry creates and makes available for those individuals who no longer want to be timeshare owners.