Transferring your Timeshare

Many of the timeshare transfers at Sell My Timeshare NOW are handled through our partner relationship with Chicago Title Timeshare. With years of experience, Chicago Title handles over 10,000 timeshare transfers each month, making the process convenient for both the timeshare buyer and the timeshare seller.

If you are selling your timeshare by owner, (or buying one through the by owner timeshare sales process) here is more information about how the timeshare transfer process works and what you can expect.

Step-by- Step Timeshare Transfer

  1. Timeshare owner (the seller) places his or her ad to sell timeshare on
  2. When the seller selects a buyer and has negotiated a deal with that buyer, the seller and the buyer exchange necessary contact information to start the closing process.
  3. The seller initiates the processes with Chicago Title Timeshare by completing simple online forms.
  4. Chicago Title Timeshare, using a username and password, emails the timeshare buyer, requesting the buyer complete online forms and verify information.
  5. Both the buyer and the seller receive an email with the escrow number for the closing account.
  6. Both the buyer and the seller receive by email, the transfer and closing documents from Chicago Title Timeshare.
  7. The timeshare buyer and the seller review and sign documents and return them following directions provided by Chicago Title Timeshare.
  8. The timeshare buyer then receives an estimated closing statement from Chicago Title Timeshare, including a request for the funds necessary for closing.
  9. When Chicago Title Timeshare receives funds, they then close the timeshare sales transaction, and notify all parties of the closing. This includes notice to the buyer, seller, resort management company or the HOA.
  10. Copies of final documents are sent to the new timeshare owner and the timeshare seller.