The Word is Spreading about the Benefits of Timeshares

“The number of adult leisure travelers who say they are familiar with timeshare has grown 57 percent over (the) last eight years,” says Howard Bendell, director of market research and analysis for Interval International.

Who gets the credit for increasing the public’s awareness of timeshare? According to Hotel Interactive’s website, Howard Bendell attributes the growing knowledge of timesharing to ARDA’s outstanding consumer education programs, as well as efforts by timeshare developers themselves to get the word out.

Timeshare companies using television advertising have helped increase awareness of the opportunities of timeshares. More importantly, the incredible internet presence of both new and resale timeshare companies means that the message of timesharing is reaching amazing numbers of people globally. But as with most products in today’s marketplace, the consumer-to-consumer voice is fast becoming the single most powerful marketing tool for communicating the benefits and features of timeshares.

People no longer want to hear a big company tell them that a product will fit their needs; they want to hear what friends, family, and other consumers—even consumers they do not know—have to say. As the World Wide Web transitions into Web 2.0, the internet will continue to redefine itself with more interactive options, empowering people to learn what others candidly think about their experience with buying timeshare or selling timeshare.

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