Congratulations to a Great Timeshare Magazine

Last week, Timeshare Perspective Magazine won the Innovative Marketing Award at OTE. Awarded during the European Timeshare Business Forum 2007, the voting process included some four hundred representatives of the European Timeshare Industry.

Great job Timeshare Perspective! Your magazine is barely 2 years old yet you have already carved out your spot in the world of timesharing with your fabulous layout, timely news, and reliable content.

Timeshare Perspective Magazine has grown from 300 subscribers in 2005, to more than 5,000 subscribers today, with thousands more people reading the magazine online. But according to Paul Mattimoe, president and CEO of Perspective International Ltd., “This is only the beginning…”

Sharon Mattimoe, co-creator of the magazine and chief operations officer says, “We know our regular advertisers like what we do, but to have a large proportion of the European Industry also vote for us, lets us know that we are on the right track for the future and delivering what we set out to deliver-a credible independently global B2B industry magazine.”

Congratulations from all of us at Sell My Timeshare NOW and the Timeshare Owners Blog.