San Diego Fires and Status at Resorts and Timeshares

Continuing with our updates from last week on California timeshare resorts and hotels, I’d like to share the following items with you.

SeaWorld San Diego and Legoland, both of which closed last week, reopened on Friday. Hotels and timeshare resorts in the central part of San Diego (near the Convention Center) were never in danger from the fires. Carol Wallace president and CEO of the San Diego Convention Center Corp., was quoted in Travel Weekly as saying, “We are open for business despite the challenges posed by these devastating fires.”

Likewise, it was not necessary to close the world-famous San Diego Zoo, and the animals were never threatened by the fires. The Wild Animal Park in San Pasqual Valley did not fare as well, losing some 600 acres of their big game grazing area in the Witch Creek fire, but the animals remained safe, as many had been relocated in a precautionary measure.

Based on their locations, Carlsbad timeshares and Solana Beach timeshares should have escaped the fires, however they have no doubt had to deal with smoke and ash fallout. If you own timeshare at Grand Pacific Palisades Timeshare Resort, Carlsbad Inn Beach Timeshare Resort, Tamarack Beach Timeshare Resort, or Carlsbad Seapointe Timeshare Resort, these properties have reported that they are undamaged. The Welk Resort in San Diego was evacuated, but was scheduled to reopen for business by Saturday, Oct. 27. Their online booking system remains down.

For specific information about any California timeshare resorts, you should call to check their status. While most have escaped the fires, some resorts have been closed because they are in a mandatory evacuation area, or because they currently lack electricity or water service. Other timeshare resorts are being used as housing areas for evacuees or emergency personnel. Contact your timeshare resort directly, or call 877-477-7368 for general information about hotel and resorts in the San Diego area.

Two websites, in addition to those we published on Friday, may also be helpful:

The San Diego County Emergency Website and Inform San Diego

Before I close, I want to also remind you of the same message I sent following Hurricane Katrina. Loss of property is painful and heartbreaking, but loss of income devastates individuals and families in even more destructive ways. Millions of people in California earn their livelihoods at businesses that rely heavily on tourist dollars. One of the best ways to help in the post-fire recovery, is to move forward with plans you have for a California trip or vacation. The state of California is, in fact, still open for business; let’s not leave them high and dry at a time when they need us most.

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