Some Royal Holiday Club Timeshare Owners Unhappy

According to KING 5 NEWS in Seattle, Royal Holiday Club timeshare has some unhappy timeshare owners.

KING 5 NEWS says their investigations found complaints against Royal Holiday Club timeshares from all across the country, ranging from alleged bait-and-switch sales practices to outright fraud. The news investigators say they found complaints filed with the Better Business Bureau, consumer websites, and the Offices of the Attorney General.

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During the investigation, University of Washington law professor Kate O’Neill looked at a contract one timeshare owner holds with the company and noted that it says the purchase and sale agreement of the timeshare is governed by the laws of the state of Mexico City. The contract also has what O’Neill described as a merger clause, which basically means that verbal agreements can’t be added to the contract. In other words, if the timeshare sales person promises you something verbally that is not in the contract, then you should not expect to be able to insist that the timeshare company honor it.

According to an article posted on the KING 5 NEWS website, the Royal Holiday Club timeshare company says it, “Only gets complaints on 1 percent of all of its sales and that they are working to address the concerns of each member.”

The article also said that, “Royal Holiday Club does admit that some sales people did break company policy… (and) those employees have been fired.”

Here are important facts to remember when you buy timeshare:

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Know what you are buying. If that means having an attorney review your contract, then spend the extra dollars and do it. If the contract is governed by the laws of another country, hire an attorney who knows those laws. Real estate laws vary greatly from country to country.

Know the rescission period for the state or country in which your timeshare contract is executed. If you do change your mind, notify the timeshare company by registered mail of your decision to exercise this option. You must be able to prove that your notice to the company reached them within the window legally allowed for rescission by the timeshare buyer.

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Who knows? With the spotlight on this timeshare company, they may use the challenge as an opportunity to upgrade their products and services, meaning that, Royal Holiday Club timeshare could be excellent to own. Or, if you own Royal Holiday Club timeshare you wish to resell, visit Sell My Timeshare NOW and learn more about the easiest way to sell timeshare.