Sell My Timeshare NOW Lends a Hand in a Small Way in Natalee Holloway Case

There are so many reasons to need a timeshare, but some are all together more important than are others.

Natalee Holloway

This weekend, members of Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team arrived in Aruba with the mission “to bring Natalee home”. Natalee, as you will remember is Alabama teenager, Natalee Holloway who disappeared while on a high school graduation trip to Aruba on May 30, 2005.

Aruban authorities are saying they will close the missing persons case at the end of December if there is no further evidence to link suspects in the case to Natalee’s disappearance. The ongoing effort to find Natalee, or clues related to her disappearance, must be ramped up, and everything possible done at this time.

John Q. Kelly, attorney for the Holloway family, says there is strong circumstantial evidence to link the three suspects in the case, but without something new, this case will be closed in a matter of days. This link, to will take you to CBS NEWs reporter, Julie Chen’s December 10 interview with Kelly.

I don’t have to tell you to imagine if this was your daughter, your sister, your friend…we’ve all had this thought already. I can’t personally go and help in the search for Natalee, and if I could, I would only be an eager, but untrained member of the search effort. But we at Sell My Timeshare NOW can help by providing a two-bedroom timeshare unit at the Marriott Aruba Ocean Club for the highly skilled, well-trained members of Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team who are there now. A comfortable place to sleep and a hot shower at night will help keep the search members fortified and focused on their grave task.

Texas EquuSearch and Underwater Expedition are conducting a deep-water search off the Aruban coast, with the equipment and vessel provided by John Silvetti and the Silvetti Group.

In upcoming blogs, I will be sharing more with you about the Natalee Holloway case and about the incredible men and women of Texas EquuSearch , but for now let me close by saying that I am humbly grateful to be able to assist in this small way.

The thoughts and prayers of everyone at Sell My Timeshare NOW are with Natalee’s family and with the search team.