Sell My Timeshare NOW, Helping Others During the Holidays

Sell My Timeshare NOW supports food drive in Dover NH

Before Christmas, Sell My Timeshare NOW was able to contribute food items and a check to representatives of the Dover New Hampshire Police Department. The food drive was part of the police department’s Christmas Food Basket Outreach Program to families in need here in the Dover area.

I am proud of everyone at Sell My Timeshare NOW for their contributions to this important effort. Like many people, we are touched during the holiday season by the plight of needy people; by the contrast of those with abundance and those with so little. Thank goodness there are bell ringers on the street corners, volunteers to collect Christmas toys for children, and companies, organizations, and individuals who rally to gather gifts, food, and cash to help make this season a little brighter and a little merrier for others.

Today is December 27. The toy drives have ended and there are no longer kettles at every storefront where loose change and spare bills quickly add up. The New Year will soon take all of us back to our focus on bowl games, our short-lived commitment to the exercise equipment Santa left under the tree, and our thoughts and plans for 2008.

But the needy don’t stop having needs just because Christmas is passed. Children will still outgrow their winter shoes and coats. Elderly people will struggle with snow on the sidewalks and the challenge of getting to the pharmacy to buy much needed drugs they can ill afford. And hard working men and women will lose their jobs, default on their bills, and work very hard to keep the electric bill paid and food on the table.

The point is, our Christmas spirit will waft on the winter winds and our focus will return to ourselves and the needs of our own families. But the needs of those who are less fortunate will not go away.

Who will fill the community food banks in January? Who will provide the manpower to run soup kitchens in March? And who will be there for the lonely, the destitute, the sick, and the elderly now that Christmas is over, and we are all returning to own routines and busy lives?

If you make just one resolution for the New Year, I urge you to resolve that 2008 will be your year to give. Change one routine and free up a tiny bit of money, which you can give each week to a worthy cause. Find an hour of your time and help a friend or a stranger with a task they could not physically or financially accomplish on their own. Buy one less shirt, handbag, or pair of shoes the next time you shop and use that money instead to help someone who may desperately need your support.

If you can write checks with lots of zeros to donate to charity that is incredible and I hope you do just that. But don’t let the fact that you may have only a little to give, stop you from giving at all. Someone today needs exactly what you have to share.

May your New Year be Happy and Bright,
From Jason Tremblay and Everyone at Sell My Timeshare NOW