Forecasting Wyndham Timeshares Sales and Stability

The Orlando Sentinel blog on “Tourism Central Florida,” has posted some interesting observations in recent weeks about Wyndham timeshares. Let’s start back in October, when they summarized Wyndham timeshare‘s quarterly report and noted that Wyndham’s Orlando timeshare division reported a year over year revenue growth rate that was the strongest of all the hospitality company’s operations during the third quarter, 2007. Wyndham Vacation Ownership reported a 22 percent increase in total revenue and a 15 percent rise in ownership sales. I feel certain the facts and figures behind this report were part of what lead Wyndham Worldwide Corp, CEO Steve Homes to say, “…time-share sales can hold up despite a sputtering economy.”

The Sentinel blog went on to quote Goldman Sachs analyst, Steven Kent, “…who echoed the optimistic assessment himself, adding, ‘We note that the typical purchaser of timeshare product is 58-years-old with a decent-sized nest egg, significantly more interested in leisure travel and less exposed economically.'” I also found it interesting to note that Wyndham timeshare CEO Holmes thought the sluggish economy probably could hurt hotel room rentals, which in itself usually bodes well for timeshare rentals.

What New Timeshare Sales Mean to Timeshare Resales

Whether you want to sell Wyndham timeshare or you are interested in buying Wyndham timeshare, this upbeat report is good news all the way around. As long as Wyndham is selling new timeshare condos and timeshare weeks, the company will continue to grow their business, building new properties and upgrading older timeshare resorts. People who buy timeshare, whether it is new Wyndham timeshare or a Wyndham timeshare resale, benefit from the focus the company places on service, quality and amenities.

But just as importantly, people who are trying to sell timeshare that carries the Wyndham name, will find that Wyndham’s growth and marketing of new timeshares only adds to the overall interest in becoming an owner of Wyndham timeshare, whether that timeshare condo is bought new or as a timeshare resale.

There is so much media attention on the shaky economy, and I too, have done plenty of blogging about how the changing economy is affecting timeshare real estate, but it’s important that none of us fall victim to a overly negative and incorrect attitude.

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