Hawaii Timeshare Resales are Great Value as Hotel Rooms Escalate

In the face of rising hotel room rates in Hawaii, great deals in timeshare resales have never looked better and ironically, the vacation value of Hawaii timeshare resorts contributes to driving the cost of hotel rooms higher.

According to Joseph Toy, president and CEO of Hospitality Advisors, (as quoted by the Star Bulletin) part of the reason for the island’s gains in hotel room rates is the increase in timeshare and resort condominium conversions, which has decreased the number of traditional hotel rooms. “The traditional hotel product is less, so you therefore have hotel demand compressed into a smaller inventory base,” says Toy. “And timeshare does extremely well, so it forms a very strong base for the island.”

In December, Hawaii’s hotel room rates jumped 7.5 percent year-over-year, reaching an average of $224.70 per night, a new record high. Hotel room rates in Kauai increased by 5.1 percent; in Oahu by 7.4 percent; and on the Big Island by 9.8 percent, bring them to $249.97 per night. In other words, despite declining occupancy, as availability went down, Hawaii hotel rates rose. If Hawaii timeshare resales looked good before, they are now an excellent value when viewed from this perspective.

Here’s what to take away from this information:

  • These statistics give evidence to the demand for Hawaii timeshare, which is good news if you plan to sell your Hawaii timeshare resale.
  • They are also encouraging for people who own Hawaii timeshare or plan to buy Hawaii timeshare because they show that you are purchasing a product that is in demand and is valued by consumers.
  • If you are planning a Hawaiian vacation, your most affordable and available accommodations are likely to be Hawaii timeshare resales and Hawaii timeshare rentals.

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The growing demand for Hawaii timeshares and Hawaii timeshare resales drives the cost of hotel rooms even higher.