Trump’s Hotel and Scotland Timeshare Resort Can’t Stay Out of Trouble

Who could have imagined that the business affairs of Donald Trump would show up in the Timeshare Owners Blog as frequently as they have this past year? But Donald Trump’s reality reads better than fiction, and new chapters seem to be written almost weekly.

If you have somehow missed the continuing saga of Trump’s dream to build a hotel and timeshare resort on the Scottish coast, I direct you to these past postings on the Timeshare Owners Blog.

Trump’s Efforts to Build a Hotel and Timeshare Resort in Aberdeen, Scotland:

…And now for the latest chapter in Trump Golf’s quest to build the finest golf resort and timeshare in Scotland.

Trump Golf and Timeshare Resort logo as published in the Daily Mail.
Photo courtesy of The Daily Mail

Earlier this month the Scotland’s heraldic authority stated that Donald Trump had broken the law by not registering a coat of arms the Trump Organization has been using on stationery and other promotional materials for its proposed Aberdeen golf course, hotel, and timeshare resort. Citing a regulation that is more than 300 years old, the Scotland heraldic authority says Trump has been illegally using a coat of arms that features three lions and a fist holding an arrow as part of their marketing campaign for the golf resort.

The Court of the Lord Lyon, which has held authority over coats of arms in Scotland since 1642, has issued an order that the Trump company must immediately stop use of the image. Not only is the coat of arms unregistered, but according to a quote that appeared in United Press International, Romilly Squire of the Scottish Heraldic Society says that having Trump’s name in the crest breaks a key law of heraldry. Apparently, a motto should have been used rather than a name.

Logo for Trump University

According to a slightly tongue-in-cheek blog post on The Nation, written by author and columnist, Nicholas Von Hoffman, Trump also uses a similar logo for Trump University. I wonder if the Trump U lion is a registered coat of arms or if the keepers of heraldic integrity will have to rap The Donald’s hands for that unauthorized use as well?

Great Choice for a Scotland Timeshare Vacation

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